Healthy Budget, a Long Needed UPDATE

Wow, I can’t believe it’s been almost a full year since my last post, but I’m happy that the food budgeting didn’t stop. Some good months and some bad months, and no matter how long I’ve been at it, there is still so much to learn.

I accidentally found a blog post about 28-day budgeting, and it got me thinking.

Those longer months were sometimes extra difficult to stick to my budget total, so I redesigned my budget by starting with a yearly total, then dividing by the total number of days per year. So each month’s budget would depend on how many days in that particular month.

My yearly budget (Nov-Oct) is tentatively $5200, so $5200/366 (2016=leap year) is approx $14.20 per day. The total food budget for a month with 30 days is $426. A longer month would be $440.

Another budget refurb this year is keeping a “running total” – if I am over/under one month, it deducts/adds to the following months. That has been really working well, as I started April with a surplus of almost $100!

It’s like budget saving for a rainy day, because I know once I hit the summer farmer’s markets, I might need that excess!

I’ll be posting my prior months’ details soon, but for now I wanted to catch up. These posts aren’t necessarily for anyone else, but mainly I’m blogging to keep a record that *I* can refer to if needed.