Not a Whole Lotta At Whole Foods Market

I’ve been feeling very frustrated with Whole Foods Market as of late.

I’ve noticed that their “weekly sales” are not that wonderful anymore. There used to be so many natural “whole” foods on sale, like meats and produce, but it seems like their promotions are focused on so-called-healthy commercially processed foods.

What happened to their Friday One Day Only sales? Organic whole chicken for .99/lb? Grassfed ground beef for $4.99/lb? Fresh organic blueberries, strawberries, and cherries? There was something different on sale every Friday. I can’t even remember the last time they advertised a Friday One Day Sale. And their Madness sales are rare as well. I don’t know what’s going on, but I do know I’m spending a lot less money and time there.

Looking back at my grocery spending history, I can’t believe in 2010 and 2011, I spent over $3000/year on JUST Whole Foods Market! That was over 50% of my total groceries with an average monthly amount of $250-300.

In 2013, I spent less than $950 on groceries there. Last year, it was less than $850, with a monthly average of $70.

This year, I’m at a total of about $100 so far, and I still have almost $450 left on my gift cards (purchased in December: $500 + free bonus of $50) – Last year, I purchased the same gift card deal ($500+$50 free) and the balance was exhausted by the end of April. I can’t see that happening this year. I might be forced to rethink purchasing the gift card next year if my spending gets much lower, even with the extra 10% bonus.

Higher Prices at Whole Foods = Reduced Visits

Yes, groceries are priced higher no matter where you shop, but comparing their prices to the same products at Market Basket, they are out of the park! Even Whole Foods sale prices are more expensive than normal everyday prices at Market Basket.

And since Market Basket is offering more and more natural and organic products, I don’t feel the need to travel to Whole Foods as often. I can find locally produced organic milk at MB, as well as USA grassfed ground beef, organic sugar, organic apples, and Olivia’s organic salad mixes.

Add that to the fact that there are more farmer’s markets in winter/spring, and sorry, Whole Foods, you are losing!

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