Healthy Food Budget – May, 2015

May 2015 Healthy Food Budget: $499.54

Groceries: $458.12 (meat: $47.14) (canning: $5.98)
Dining Out: $41.42 (8.29% of total food)

Yes, my spending was a little crazy this month. I didn’t stick quite as closely to lists and menu plans as I should have. But in my defense, the last half of the month can boast no take-out meals! I ate so darned healthy this month, it was wonderful!

I did go a little wacky when I saw Whole Foods had fresh organic blueberries and strawberries for sale. At $5 each, I went back several times for them, at least $35 right there. Plus lots of cherries, a watermelon, and I’m into blender smoothies again, so frozen fruit and greens were on my radar too.

I also picked up some “seconds” strawberries from Wilson Farm and canned five half-pints of jam. I will not be having a true garden this year. Maybe just a couple of containers, but I will hopefully still be canning.

The month’s spending total would have been even higher if I counted the extra stuff I bought for our Memorial Weekend mini-vacation. I was so proud that I kept eating my own healthy food, while others around me ate chips, ice cream, muffins, cupcakes, etc.

I also didn’t count my “me” lunch at Panera Bread the other day. I started a new expense category for that.

I can’t complain. My energy is up, and I feel better overall, happier even. So it’s worth it to spend more for my health!
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