154.6 – yay yay yay

Lost one more pound. Crazy! 154.6 – weighed on Wii Fit too, and it said 155

So that is about 45 pounds total! Crazy! I gotta start toning more, getting back to doing yoga more often! I try doing it for a couple of minutes in the morning, but now that my yoga mat is here from Amazon, I should be doing longer sessions!

Yoga Revisited

This morning, I woke up and my whole upper body was wonderfully sore!

I have been working out every night, and last night I thought there might not be enough time since we went out to eat to the Outback, but I looked at the clock, it was 7pm, and I thought okay, let’s do something.

So, I checked out the fitness shows on OnDemand, and decided I wanted to try yoga again. I chose “Yoga Works” Beginner. It was pretty intense considering I am still a newbie but I did a good job! I was so proud of myself! My Downward Dog pose is so much better now! And I could even do the Cobra and I was shocked that I tried and could accomplish the Upward Dog as well. I only stopped once or twice. It felt amazing afterward!

And this morning, my muscles were feeling the workout. But the cool thing is once I was up and moving around, my muscles aren’t so bad. It’s really amazing and wonderful what my body is able to do now. I am so proud and happy!

Yoga Journal’s Beginning Yoga Step By Step DVD Review

I found the #1 DVD from the Yoga Journal’s: Beginning Yoga Step by Step Session 1-3 at the library this week.

I watched it last night. Yes, it’s a wonderful yoga DVD, but no, it is certainly NOT for beginners.

I found it funny to read the positive reviews on Amazon, stating that it’s great for those beginning yoga; at the same time they also said that they either had prior yoga experience or were already very athletic. How could they possibly know how a true beginner feels? They are several steps above someone with not as much fitness ability.

Well I am not very athletic (yet) and I don’t have a whole heck of a lot of flexibility and upper body strength (yet), so it does qualify me a true Yoga beginner. I wanted to love this DVD. I really want to do yoga! But for now, this DVD is way ahead of my abilities.

I was frustrated because I was trying to do the poses, and at the same time, cranking my neck to look at the TV. She suggested that less flexible beginners should “watch Jason” but the problem was, Jason was rarely in the shot when she was initially demonstrating the poses. He was way off to the side. It would have been so much easier to actually see him in the shot, so I could see the modifications.

When she specifically show Jason’s demo, it was always AFTER I had already tried it myself; by that time, I was feeling a bit confused and lost. I tried to keep up, but it was frustrating because I wasn’t sure if I was doing the poses correctly.

After a few minutes, I restarted the DVD, and tried to follow along a second time. I really loved the initial pose, but by the time I got to Downward Dog and Cobra, etc. I just didn’t feel very confident.

So, I don’t think this DVD is for me, at this point in my life, but I will keep trying. I won’t give up on yoga. I found a set of old VHS videos on really simple yoga and I might try that next. Then once I gain more upper body strength and flexibilty, then I will revisit the Yoga Journal’s: Beginning Yoga Step by Step DVD and see how much I have improved.