Day One – Keeping Accountable

I’m going to start working out again. Making a public announcement will hopefully keep me accountable.

Wii Fit this AM, good workout on the “bike” – gotta keep it up. I’m shooting for 2-3 times per week. That is reasonable and doable!

I haven’t gained any weight (still 138-140), but my lower body area is feeling a bit gushy lately. Gotta get the leg muscles working again!

Hope I Am Back on Fitness Track

Finally worked out again this morning. I’ve been in a fitness lag of sorts, but it surprisingly hasn’t affected my weight in the least. I guess my metabolism is good, even without actual exercise. I am active all day long, so I guess that is most important.

Anyway, I worked out for 35 minutes on the Wii Fit this morning. I hope to get back into a routine again, of at least 3-4 days a week. I’ll start back on the Walk it Out game too, and maybe invest in a couple of new games later this season.

Loving the Wii

So, my DH gave me a Nintendo Wii for Christmas, along with the Wii Fit game. I have been doing it fairly regularly and it’s been pretty good.

I really really love the strength and yoga training. I love that I can save a bunch to “My Routine” and do a bunch one after another. If I use the treadmill, I like setting up the Wii to work on strength and yoga afterward.

The other Wii Fit “games” are pretty good, but they don’t always get my heart rate going, but I do burn calories!

I enjoy biking, and the Rhythm Parade is a good warm up! Hula Hoop is fun, and Boxing and Kung Fu is really fun, but I do feel uncoordinated! I can’t even do the Basic Step, I am totally off and can’t get my head wrapped around the steps! eek! I am working on my balance, and I have improved, but still have some work to do.

Tonight I really had a great strength yoga work out. 31 minutes and I was shocked that I burned 123 calories! So far, I love the Wii Fit. Glad I have it to enhance my workouts!

Christmas 2009 Woes and Joys

Yeah, I didn’t do such a wonderful job on my food choices during the holiday, but it’s okay. I am back on track today (Saturday, Dec 26) and will continue to stay on track!

It was a bit scary, because I got a wake up call. It’s so easy for me to revert back to my old ways! But I just have to forget the past, and move forward. You can’t dwell on mistakes too much. Just learn from them, and try not to repeat them!

Christmas Eve, we went over to my sister in law’s home, as usual.

Lots of high calorie appetizer foods, mini hot dogs in pop-n-fresh dough, little hamburger meat pies, shrimp, and calzone (which we brought, with keilbasa & grape jelly – I only had one piece of calzone and didn’t have any keilbasa). I remained fairly in control.

Thankfully there was veggies and dip, which I LOVED. Probably shouldn’t have had so much dip, but I loved the veggie sticks. That saved me.

Desserts, I did okay as well. Not too bad. We made gingerbread cookies with homemade frosting. I had a couple of different cookies. Didn’t pig out too badly.

I think my big downfall was Christmas Day, when my family comes over. I did eh, okay with dinner. We had all natural Wellshire ham (from Whole Foods), taco dip w/ tortilla chips, smoked salmon w/ whipped cream cheese & crackers, cheese, pepperoni & crackers, shrimp with cocktail sauce.

Dinner was okay, I tried to limit myself. I ate a lot of shrimp, but I did have some of the other foods too.

Desserts! My sister brought a cute frosted birthday cake made from a bunch of cupcakes. I had one cupcake, and a couple of cookies we brought home from the night before.

My mom brought her famous magic cookie bars, which are to die for. I saved us a big hunk of the bars, and I had a big piece last night, and again this morning for breakfast. Thank God they are all gone now….and I can try to get back to healthy choices.

It’s good to splurge once in awhile, but this year, I did go a bit overboard. And like I said, it was a bit scary that I could revert to my old bad ways soo easily.

It just goes to show, you are NEVER safe! NEVER! I can never take it for granted that I have it all completely under control. I must always remember that I always must remain on guard, but I also can’t beat myself up too much. When I fall backward, I must forgive myself!

Oh but the good part of Christmas was my presents!

My wonderful husband gave me the Wii console, along with the Wii Fit Plus. And my mom gave me the Cuisinart 7 cup Classic Food Processor. I thought it over, and she said it is okay if I upgrade to a larger model. I am thinking of the Cuisinart Elite Collection Food Processor, either the 12 or 14 cup. The Elite model includes a mini bowl insert, and the larger model, also includes a 3rd medium sized bowl. It will be great for pastry, bread dough, cookie dough, veggies, grinding meat, making dressings, etc.

I am happy! Happy that I am back on track, and happy that I have such fun presents to play with.