Why Toss Away Those Greens?

I was shopping at Wilson Farm, and this was the second time I got a freebie bag of greens that another customer didn’t want.

The first time, I scored a huge batch of radish greens, and today I gained the tops of chioggia beets.

Funny, during both instances they asked what do I do with them? I eat them!

Raw or cooked. They are great in salads, soups, stir-fries.

In an economy where food prices are soaring, why would you pay $4 for a bundle of beets only to throw away a perfectly edible portion?

It could be the location I was in. Wilson Farm is in Lexington, MA, one of the snootier “higher income” towns in the state. Could be that money isn’t really an issue for most that live there, and they couldn’t be bothered to cook up some lowly greens!

But sadly, I bet that even consumers in my middle class town throw away their root veggie “greens” as well, maybe because they don’t look “perfect”, or maybe because no one knows that you can actually eat them.

Hopefully, my brief conversation sparked something in their minds, and maybe next time they shop, they won’t be so quick to toss the greens. Maybe they’ll actually take them home and try them.

But if not, I’m happy to take the throw-aways! Thank you very much! :)