Watermelon – Too Early

Well, I thought the “signs” were all there to harvest our first watermelon.

It sounded hollow when thumped, the bottom was bright yellow, the “vine/tendril” looked like it was drying.

So we harvested Tuesday, and sliced it in half on Wednesday night. OOps, it was still pretty white inside, but surprisingly it was still fairly tasty; I ate it for my TV snack. LOL

Lesson learned, we’ll wait until the end of the month before harvesting any more watermelons!

Gardening Diary: Male & Female Watermelon Blossoms

I am fascinated by the phenomenon of “male” and “female” flowers in my garden. First it was the cucumbers. I was excited to find both male and female blossoms and was thrilled to be able to see the difference between the two.

I finally started seeing blossoms on one of the Sugar Baby watermelon plants the other day, and I’m happy to report we have a good mix of both male and female! hehee. I know, it’s a sick obsession I have!

female sugar baby watermelon blossom

And the close-close-close up; isn’t it so cool you can actually see the watermelon stripes already? It’s a tiny little thing, about the size of a pea! :)

female sugar baby watermelon blossom