Whole Foods Market Adds Salt to Frozen Peas! Why?

While shopping at Whole Foods Market, I was reading the label on the store brand organic frozen peas, making sure they were a “product of US.”

Then I glanced at the nutritional data and noticed that there was 200 mg of sodium per serving! Salt? In frozen peas? Why?

whole foods organic peas have salt sodium added

I checked their non-organic frozen peas, and same deal. 200 mg of sodium. I wasn’t happy about it, especially since I purchased a bag a few weeks ago. I very rarely purchase frozen vegetables, but I do like having frozen corn and peas on hand.

I just don’t understand the reason that salt is needed in a frozen vegetable product! I can think of no other reason other than to make it taste better, which seems like a sneaky way to maybe get more customers to purchase again…many not realizing that they are purchasing a product with additional sodium, adding to the flavor!

columbia river organic frozen peas with no added salt

I found the Columbia River Organic brand nearby, and decided to purchase their product instead. No added salt, and product of the US! Sounds good to me!