Whole Foods Scallops $9.99/lb Sale Friday

This Friday, June 10th, Whole Foods Market is having a one-day sale on wild-caught sea scallops! At 9.99/lb it’s a great deal!

I’ve been told that the scallops have been caught just off the coast of Eastern Canada, and are frozen at sea to lock in their flavor. And they’re from a Marine Stewardship Council (MSC)-certified fishery, which can be a plus, although personally, I don’t always trust their judgement. :(

I’ll be shopping for scallops on Friday for sure. I do love scallops, although I don’t eat them very often. I know organizations like the MSC suggest certain seafood choices are sustainable with an abundant supply, but I don’t believe any seafood or meat can be completely sustainable, because there are just too many people eating it! So restraint is needed; scallops are lovely, but should be considered as a wonderful treat, not to be taken for granted.

Scallop Recipe links from Whole Foods:

UPDATE 2011-06-10:
Went to the local Whole Foods market today, and bought about 2.5 pounds of frozen scallops on sale. I loved that they offered them frozen! And they weren’t in a big frozen clump, they were each individually frozen, so you could thaw as little as needed. I transferred them to a freezer bag. Yum! Hopefully if we savor them, they will last all summer long! YUM!

whole foods one day only scallops on sale