Food Babe Investigates Chipotle vs Moes

Please read this article!

We don’t have any Moe’s restaurants in our area, but we do occasionally dine at the local Chipotle restaurants. I’m really shocked by the “expose” from 100 Days of Real Food, although I suppose nothing should shock me about our commercial food system.

Yea, I understood that Chipotle was fast food, but I always thought it would be a better choice than perhaps McDonalds or even the 99 Restaurant. Yeah, I fell for the marketing.

But after reading her article (please go read it, it’s fascinating!), I’m really saddened.

I should have expected it though. It only proves that any large-scale food business is going to be somehow compromised. It’s impossible to feed millions of people and not have to cut corners with GMOs, trans fats, and fillers.

Will I continue to eat at Chipotle? Maybe. Probably.

But my eyes will be open, and I will rank their restaurant the same as any other fast food or chain restaurant. If I feel like Mexican, okay, but I won’t single them out as being a healthier choice than IHOP or Wendy’s. They’re all the same!


UPDATE: From the Food Babe web site:

Friendly’s Restaurant Fresh, Never Frozen Burgers – Marketing Hype

I’ve been constantly seeing the new Friendly’s Restaurant’s TV commercial touting their “fresh, never frozen” burgers.

Fresh vs frozen tells me nothing about the quality of the burger!

Personally, I’d rather a promotion stating that they grind their beef fresh on premises, and that they use only anti-biotic/hormone-free beef. And even further, how about grass-fed beef? Now THAT would be a marketing campaign I could get behind.

What Does Fresh Mean Anyway?

The marketing phrase “fresh, not frozen” is very misleading, especially when you look at how the USDA regulates the term “frozen”.

Did you know that a beef patty can be labeled as “fresh, not frozen” as long as the product’s internal temperature never dips below 26° – so in reality, Friendly’s fresh burgers could be hovering on the legal brink of frozen.

Hmm, that’s a pesky fact that’s left out of their commercial.

Pink Slime?

I haven’t seen any Friendly press releases stating that their burgers do not contain “pink slime” (Finely Textured Lean Beef processed with amonia).

Considering how cheap they’re selling their burgers, starting at $5.99, I am assuming (and I am JUST assuming, not knowing for fact) that they use cheap beef, which probably contains some portion of pink slime.

But hey, at least it’s not “frozen” right?

Chipotle Mexican Grill for Dinner

Oh yummy, I have been dying to try the Chipotle Mexican Grill restaurant ever since I saw them on the Food Inc DVD. Fresh, delicious “food with integrity” – it all sounded very exciting.

DH went to a Chipotle for lunch with his boss, and brought home a menu. He raved about the food, and he isn’t even a big Mexican fan. So tonight, we decided we were in the area, so we visited the Chipotle in Nashua, NH

It was very fast, fresh, and delicious. It’s a great feeling to know you are eating a healthy dinner. I ordered the Burrito in a Bowl, with chicken, black beans, lime rice, loaded it with tomato salsa, corn salsa (spicy yum), and romaine lettuce.

I also ordered a side order of guacamole. I have never had guacamole before, and have been dying to try it. Well, actually, I think I had it years ago at Chili’s and didn’t like it. I also tried a tiny little bit at Whole Foods yesterday. It was out as a sample with some chips, but I couldn’t get a good taste of it. Anyway, I figured this would be a great opportunity to try it, since it seemed like it was fresh and well made. So, I ate my first real portion of guacamole, and I LOVED IT! oh it was so tasty! I am definitely going to make some of this myself for sure!

Oh and I still have a good portion of my dinner leftover for lunch tomorrow! Yum!

Overall, thumbs up for Chipotle Mexican Grill, except that the tables were dirty. I don’t think anyone was cleaning them. But despite that, we will definitely return, but not sure we’ll visit to the Nashua NH location.

One last pet peeve is that their mobile web site is pretty skimpy, compared to their fancy smancy Flash-based web site that cannot be accessed with an iPhone. I would like to have access to the Nutritional Data pdf, so I can see my calorie intake before I order.

Out to Dinner Tonight

Went to Piccadilly Pub for dinner. Did good.

I ordered the turkey dinner: two large turkey slices over stuffing, with baked potato, cranberry sauce, broccoli and gravy on the side.

I only ate two small bites of the cranberry sauce; it was SO sweet. I dipped my fork into the gravy bowl instead of pouring it all over my plate; it tasted flavorful but saved on calories! I only ate about 1/4 to 1/3 of the potato, I brought it home for dinner tomorrow.

It was a nice dinner. We had a gift certificate, so that’s why we went to the Piccadilly Pub, otherwise I don’t think we would go back. It’s not horrible, but there are better choices out there.

Didnt know steamed was so delicious

Well we went to our fave Chinese food restaurant tonight. I had a late snack (actually an early dinner) before mike called with the suggestion, so I knew I would have to eat light.

I ordered the steamed chicken w/ veggies & brown rice. I was happy when she told me the sauce comes on the side!

Anyway, it arrived in a little steamer bamboo basket, and was incredible. I drizzled some sauce on top and it was salty and added a good flavor.

They gave me a huge portion so I have my lunch for tommorrow! I would definatly order again!

Breakfast With Parents

I met my parents for breakfast yesterday. I did good! I ordered one pancake and one ham steak. I asked for no butter, but they slapped a big hunk on the pancake anyway, which I dutifully scraped off later. I surprised even myself, and didn’t need any syrup! I put the ham on top of the pancake, and cut it up. It was delicious.

I was full and didn’t even finish the pancake!

I know that I can still control my portions even when going out…and remain in control even when my dad throws a piece of bacon on my plate! No thanks Dad! LOL

Birthday Dinner

Well tomorrow is my 47th birthday. sigh. I have decided not to get too depressed about it. I figure that I have 3 more years until I am 50 and if I can get healthy and reach my goals by then, well I will have nothing to be upset about!

But I am giving into temptations tonight. I ordered the Meat Lovers Pasta (sausage, pepperoni, bacon with marinara sauce & pasta) at a local Italian restaurant, that comes with a salad and chocolate cake for dessert. Since I won’t be getting a birthday cake (I told my husband NO) I figure that I am owed at least one cheat every once in awhile, and tonight is it!

I did good all day today, and I have over 800 calories left tonight. I am sure I will be going over, but it’s fine! I can’t deprive myself all the time, right? Yeah, keep talking yourself into it! LOL

ETA: OMG, it was fantastic. I was purring with the first bite of pasta. It was salty, fatty and delicious. OMG. I was full halfway through my meal, but I couldn’t stop myself from eating more. BAAAAD. It was just so tasty, I just wanted to keep eating, and I did. I finished almost all of it, and ended up throwing the rest out. I knew if I didn’t I would end up eating it tomorrow.

Am I disappointed in myself? Sort of. I feel heavy, bloated and full right now, but I can’t do anything about it. I just have to move on and know that there are going to be days like this. It’s not the end of the world, and I will be back on track tomorrow!

Hmm, now what to do about the chocolate cake dessert. oooh noooo!

Today Was a Good Day

I drove my bike to the library, about a mile away. It was a flat easy ride, and I tried to pedal most of the way.

I got a menu from a new Asian restaurant, so I figured we would treat ourselves. It was fabulous. I got Japanese hibachi chicken with veggies and brown rice, and it came with the most delicious hot & sour soup. OMG, fantastic. Yummy!

I did taste a lot of sugar in the brown sauce, but I don’t think it was too bad. I do have lots left over for lunch tomorrow.

I think I am getting much better at making good choices every day!