Confessions of a Compulsive Eater – 141.8

Okay, confession time.

This summer was brutal. While on our vacations, I ate a lot lot lot of sugary foods, & it seems like it made my “compulsive” eating issues come alive a little bit. It was getting harder and harder to say “no” to foods that I shouldn’t be eating.

This weekend, I didn’t think twice about grabbing a couple of processed store-bought cookies & a small bag of buttered/salted popcorn that was offered at a local hardware store’s grand re-opening. ugh.

I never had trouble refusing gross processed cookies in the past, so I know there’s a problem.

I mean, I always felt that if I was going to treat myself, it would have to be something special and really delicious. Not some store bought oreos, chips ahoy, or fig newtons! sigh.

Bottom line, I have been slowly gaining back a little weight. Not a lot, but I’m up to 141.8! I think the gain is a combination of my eating habits and my messed up peri-menopausal system, but either way, I’ve got to do better with my food choices.

I’ve officially adjusted my profile weight up to 141.8 at MyFitnessPal.

I adjusted my daily calories from 1800 to 1650, and posted my confession on my MyFitnessPal newsfeed! What a marvelous wonderful group of supportive friends I have on MFP.

Yes yes yes, I know I can do it!

  • I don’t want to ignore this problem, that’s how I ended up at 200 pounds in the first place!
  • I’m trying to be accountable
  • I’m admitting that I’m doing something wrong and I want to change!

I should add that 140 is actually a “normal” weight for someone at my height of 5’8″ but I feel “normal” at around 138ish.

141 – Up a Little Bit, but Not For Long

I’ve been extra hungry lately…eating extra calories. I’m not making bad food choices, but still going over my total calories. Sometimes you just need an extra “kick in the pants” to set you straight. I weighed in this morning, and was a touch over 141 pounds.

I don’t think the weight I’ve gained is anything but temporary, so today, I did much better!

But the good news is, I’ve been sticking to my deal for working out twice weekly, and I haven’t had a hot flash in weeks! Life is good!

So, here’s my post to keep it honest….keeping it accountable! I expect to be back down to 138/139 very soon!

Hot Flashes! Ugh

I jinxed myself when the other day, I was talking to my mom and sister about my permi-menopausal symptoms. Up until then, I hadn’t had very strong hot flashes. I referred to them as “warm flashes” and they only bothered me occasionally.

Well, for the past 3 nights, they’ve now turned to true HOT flashes. Ugh. I am hoping it’s due to the unseasonably warm nights we’ve been having. And my moods have been bearish and I’m emotionally and physically drained & tired. Yesterday was the worst, which leads me to believe my period is right around the corner. I hope my symptoms subside once I get it.

Update 10/02/2010: yay! No hot flashes or waves last night! At least none that would wake me up like the past 3 night! It was much cooler last night so I think that helped.

152 – ha!

Well, I’m back down to 152 this morning. :D Too funny. I guess I will just float in between 152 and 155, and that is okay.

I also might have been retaining a bit of water the last week or so. I stepped up my water intake the last couple of days. I was definitely slacking off for awhile, barely drinking 8 glasses. I am shooting for 11-12 glasses per day now and I think it’s making a big difference.

Another problem that I haven’t discussed publicly (here on the blog) is I think I’m in perimenopause; so with a messed up monthly cycle, my moods and hunger pains are directly related to that. I just have to take it one day at a time!

Life is good. I am 152! Ha! Even though it could change tomorrow! We’ll see!

PS. I had a semi-cheat day yesterday. I ordered take out bowtie pasta and meatballs. Ate 2/3 the pasta and all the meatballs. Can’t pass up good meatballs! Yum. Yeah, life is really good!