Stupid Domino’s Pizza Commercial

The new Domino’s commercial just infuriates me! They’re trying to jump on the grass fed bandwagon! Their new commercial is trying to give the impression that their cheese comes from happy grazing dairy cows in a pasture!

The commercial shows a “panel study” group discussing how they don’t trust the ingredients that Domino’s uses, and then all of a sudden, the walls come down and they are smack dab in the middle of a cow pasture, surrounded by cows. Yeah right! That’s realistic!

While I admire Domino’s Pizza marketing department for trying to revamp their image, starting from scratch, putting together a new pizza recipe… I hate when big food companies try to pull the wool over consumer’s eyes. Just like the ads for “happy California cows“, it’s very misleading! The majority of dairy cows do not lead a wonderful carefree life, as depicted in the new Domino’s Pizza commercial.

I would be a hypocrite if I said that I didn’t eat dairy; in fact, I adore cheese, but I try to limit my consumption just because it really is a cruel life for a dairy cow. And Domino’s Pizza is just adding to the misconception! I don’t think I’ll be trying Domino’s new improved pizza any time soon!

ETA October 28, 2010: After receiving a comment from “Dairy Farmer”

Yes, the farm in the commercial is a real farm….googled and found some info.

Truttmann Dairy, LLC is a real farm, and they look like they are doing the right thing by raising their cows naturally and grass based.

BUT it’s highly unlikely that this farm provides the bulk of Domino’s cheese inventory. My guess is, Domino’s is using a much much larger diary or dairies and Truttman’s is actually just for show to make consumers think they are getting a natural product.

Ha! After more googling, looks like I’m not the only one that doubts Domino’s intentions and marketing scheme:

There aren’t many farms left that are like Truttman’s and I applaud them for trying to do the right thing. But there is no possible way that Domino’s is using grass based naturally raised dairy on all their pizzas!

So, quit fibbing to the public, Domino’s and fess up!

Word is the next commercials will cover their naturally grown tomatoes and spinach! Can’t wait to see them!

Local Bakery Bread – READ LABELS!

I was visiting my mom, and took a glance at the ingredients on the loaf of bread she just purchased from the local bakery. What triggered my curiosity was that their bags were pre-printed, just like the grocery stores’ bread.

Lo and behold! Partially hydrogenated soybean oil (worst oil possible!), dextrose (sugar), soy fillers, chemicals. It was horrible! Worse than anything found at the grocery store. She thought she was doing the right thing by purchasing from a local bakery, but she ended up getting bread loaded with unhealthy ingredients! How can they call themselves a bakery when they are using ingredients like that?

And then I was making my dad a sandwich and I took out the jar of Hellman’s “Low Fat” mayo from the fridge. OMG. High fructose corn syrup? and a list of chemicals and additives so long I didn’t have time to read them all!


Does any of the above even resemble food? Not a chance! Oh and it’s only 15 calories. The consistency is so watery, it’s gross!

And my parents think they are doing a good thing by eating something that’s Light or Low Fat. They fell right into the “Big Food” marketing ploy that I have been complaining about for months! Low Fat/No Fat foods are full of chemicals. Eat REAL food!!!! Ugh!

I did mention something to her about the bread, but I didn’t want to keep nagging at her, so I didn’t mention anything about the mayo. That’ll be a lesson for next time perhaps. It’s sad because I know they are trying to eat healthier, but they just don’t know how bad the big food companies are.

Potato Chip Tempation

There is an open bag of potato chips staring at me here at the office and I am just saying NO!

It would be so easy to just grab a handful. But NO! Just say no!

I’m thinking about how strong I am. When I first started on my journey last year, it was a battle to refuse muffins here at work. But I did it…so chips will be easy to refuse too!

Time to Do Better

Well, our last summer vacation is over! We had a really great summer, but truthfully, part of me is glad that we’re done with vacations for now. I didn’t revert all the way back to old ways, but with each week on vacation, I got more and more comfortable with eating bad unhealthy foods.

Yes, I worked out every day on vacation, but I feel so icky and unhealthy inside. I feel bloated, gross, and fat. I know I’m not fat, but I don’t feel “right”. I hate that I’ve come this close again to poor choices.

I hate that I feel helpless.

Helpless because I know what’s right, but I can’t stop myself from making the wrong decision. Example. We got ice cream close to every day last week. Not that bad because we were walking almost a mile (up/down hills) to the ice cream stand, and I was only getting kiddie portions. But one day, while out driving, we stopped for ice cream, and I got a kiddie cup and couldn’t stop myself from also ordering a piece of chocolate cake as well. I knew it was wrong, I knew the ice cream was enough of a treat, but my compulsion took over and won the fight. Ugh. It was not a good feeling, and it’s shameful looking back on it now.

And that’s why I am glad vacations are over. I can hopefully get back to healthy eating, and get back to feeling fantastic inside and out. I don’t want to beat myself up too much over this, because that is not a healthy attitude either. I know that an occasional treat can be beneficial and I can’t obsess over it! There has to be a balance between good and evil. But for the most of the month of August, the evil was tipping the scales!

Weighed myself this AM, and thankfully, I’m 147.6 – Saturday when we got home (mid afternoon), I was 149+ so it’s a relief that I haven’t gained as much weight as I feel like I have on the inside.

Today is Monday, new day, new week! I am going to do better! Not going to obsess over my bad choices. Just get over it, and move on.

I have to remember to take each experience as a lesson to learn more about myself! The more I realize about myself, the more powerful I become, and the less power the compulsion will have!

Back from Week Long Vacation – 148 lbs

Came back yesterday from a week long RV/ATV vacation. It was lovely. Lots of nature! Lots of time to just relax and have fun! Taking my mind off everything at home. I didn’t even bring my laptop with me. I did bring the dSLR camera, but I rarely took any photos. My iPhone camera worked for capturing a few memories.

So how did our healthy lifestyle do? We were on vacation, so of course, that means tempting treats. I was bad! Lots of sugary fatty foods like these fabulous “Persian danish roll” things. Honey glazed pastries, with a layer of maple icing, then topped with crumbly sugary crunchies. I had THREE of them during the week. The bakery in town was a quick drive by car or ATV so we gave ourselves a few treats!

This photo doesn’t do it justice! That’s the Persian on the bottom left.

persian danish roll

There was also ice cream sundae (kid’s), fried clams, lobster roll (no mayo), seafood chowder, poutine fries, carrot cake, macaroon cookie, ice cream cookie sandwich, lasagna, 2 slices of pizza, and a fried egg & bacon sandwich.

To make up for some of our indiscretions, we took long walks once, twice or more daily, and actually ATVing works your muscles fairly well. Even on the back of the ATV, I was keeping my balance and holding on!

So, it’s back to reality and back to eating right. I weighed in this AM and I was about 148. Not too bad. I’ve decided not to fight the overwhelming urge to cheat on vacation. I just have to keep in mind that in order to cheat, I need to work out and STOP the cheating when I get home! So far it’s been working out well!

UPDATE August 9, 2010: 147.0 on the scale this AM! yay!

Hood Calorie Countdown Dairy Beverage

Ha! They can’t even call this product “milk” – it’s a “dairy beverage” – that should tell you right there that there’s a problem. Sort of like American Cheese is not really a cheese, but a “cheese product”.

So, I hadn’t even heard of this product, but I just read a post on a forum about it, so of course I had to google.

First, let’s look at the ingredients of Hood real non-fat milk:

Continue reading “Hood Calorie Countdown Dairy Beverage”

148.6 Phew Post-Vacation!

Phew. We were on a week’s RV camping vacation last week, and I ate some horrible foods! I didn’t know what to expect. Well, okay, yes, I DID expect to come home and weigh myself this AM and be on the heavier side. I was relieved to find out that I’m okay. Phew.

I kept track of all I ate, and yes, I did go over on a few days. But I worked out like a fiend, walking, jogging, biking, kayaking as much as I could. I think that definitely helped!

I don’t want this to alter my psychological outlook, thinking that I’m going to pull through even while making a lot of bad food choices. It’s NOT alright to keep eating whoopie pies, chips, fried clams, lobster rolls, and tollhouse pies because eventually I won’t be able to stop and yes, the weight will definitely start to creep back!

It’s a fact that toward the end of the week, when my food choices were dipping deeper into the dark side, it was a lot more difficult to keep strong and refuse temptation. I felt like eating even when I wasn’t hungry. It’s a true compulsive addiction! I succumbed to nutritionally void foods high in sugars and bad fats, and I craved them more.

So, now I just need to move forward and get back my positive perspective. Good food and fitness choices make my life good. Poor choices will keep feeding a chain of more bad choices! I need to keep remembering that!

But in reality, I know vacations have a “cheat mentality” built into them, so I will be going through the same thing a couple more times this summer. But it’s okay, as long as I go back to the “good side” after vacation is over!