Farm Blueberries

Stopped by the local farm today and was so happy to find blueberries. It’s a little too early for local berries, but they were from new jersey, which isn’t too far away.

Anyway I had a couple of handfuls and they are delicious. I’m waiting to eat the rest of them tonight!

Blueberries rock!!! Summer rocks!

EDIT: 2011-07-12 – ate a big bowl of blueberries last night and they were heavenly. Hmm, now my addiction begins!

Whole Foods Organic Cherries on Sale Friday Only

Yes, I do love cherries.

But we don’t purchase them too often, because they are so darned expensive!

Well on Friday, July 8th, Whole Foods is having a grand sale on ORGANIC cherries! Only $2.99 per pound. That’s almost a third of the normal price, last time I checked!

Cherries are bursting with goodness too. Antioxidants, along with beta carotene, vitamin C, potassium, magnesium, iron and fiber. And they are one fruit that my DH loves too, he actually loves them more than me I bet!

So, I am definitely planning on buying up a bunch of cherries this Friday!

Did you know it’s easy to pit them by hand? Once pitted, you can freeze them for a later date. Just spread them in single layer on a large cookie sheet so they freeze individually, then once frozen, pop them all into a freezer bag.

How scrumptious will cherry compote taste in the winter!? I did this with bags of cranberries, and it was wonderful to have access to fresh cranberries after the holidays!

I’ve listed some recipes from Whole Foods web site below. I’m loving the cherries and kale recipe. I might have to try that with the greens from this week’s CSA share! And I still have some frozen scallops from a previous Whole Foods sale that will work nicely with the cherry balsamic sauce!

whole foods one day sale on cherries

I’ve Got Blueberry Fever at Whole Foods!

whoo hoo! I received word that organic (USA) blueberries are going to be on sale at Whole Foods this Friday, June 17th. One pint is $1.99.

I’m so looking forward to this sale. I’m afraid I will buy so many that my face will turn blue from eating too many! Actually I should I say you never can have too many blueberries! Last summer, I ate pint after pint every week, buying big batches twice a week! I just love them!

And blueberries are soo darned good for you. They pack a ton of antioxidants, which help to prevent cancer! It’s also said that they help with memory improvement, keeping your mind and body fresh and active!

I can’t bring myself to cook or bake with fresh blueberries. It almost feels like I’m wasting them! I find them irresistibly luscious simply eating them from a big bowl! But just in case there are others interested in cooking with blueberries, here are some Whole Foods recipes. I do like the idea of blueberry spelt muffins, but I’d probably use frozen fruit instead of fresh. hahaa!


blueberries on sale at whole foods

Whole Foods Market Organic Strawberries On Sale Friday!

Whole Foods Market is having a monster sale on organic strawberries tomorrow. $1.99 per pound!

Unfortunately, I called the closest store and they told me the sale strawberries are originating from Mexico. Not happy about that!

I called another store and they told me they were mixed from Mexico and California.

I’ve been holding off purchasing any berries this season because all the organic offerings have been from Mexico. If I can find California berries I’ll gladly purchase!

So the question is do I take a chance and go tomorrow hoping I’ll find strawberries grown in the USA, and if not, should I purchase them from Mexico at this crazy good price?

My gut is telling me no, stay away from any commercial organic berries anyway especially if they are grown in Mexico! Wait until my local farm offers them!

We will see how I feel tomorrow!

UPDATE: On Friday, I found organic strawberries from both California and Mexico. I noticed the ones from Mexico were larger and at first glance, “looked” more appealing. The strawberries from California looked more natural, because they didn’t look at “perfect” as the ones from Mexico. I ended up purchasing 5 boxes. Yum!

I cleaned and sliced two boxes for strawberry, apple, cranberry compote, slow cooked in the oven. Added raisins afterward for more sweetness.

5 boxes of organic california strawberries from whole foods
organic california strawberries from whole foods
organic california strawberries from whole foods
organic california strawberries from whole foods

Making Some Spring Adjustments – Diet, Fitness, Food, Mental Outlook

I’m making this post public for complete personal accountability. It’s the only way I’m going to be able to get through this rough patch and stick to my healthy lifestyle plan! I can’t allow this to discourage me or set me back into old habits!

So, I’ve lowered my calories by 30 over at MyFitnessPal. I’m going by what they suggested for my calories, but I manually adjust some nutrients:

Calories: 1770
Carbs: 50% 221g
Protein: 20% 89g
Fat: 30% 59g
Sat Fat: 15g
Poly: 20g
Monounsat: 24g
Cholesterol: 300mg
Sodium: 2500mg
Potassium: 3500mg
Fiber: 30g
Sugar: 30g

No, 30 calories isn’t a big daily change, but it’ll total 210 calories per week, and that might help.

I’m not not sure that I’m gaining weight, but I’ve been feeling *heavier*, and I’ve noticed my body shape is changing. My upper body is fine, in fact, I’m very happy with my arms! I feel like my lower body is getting a bit flabby. I noticed my ankles this morning, and they seemed cankle-ish. Ugh. Please no! No more cankles! And my stomach area isn’t as flat as it was a couple of months ago.

I’ve been neglecting exercise, and I know that is a big part of my problem! I was sticking to my 2 days of fitness per week until last week. sigh. Only one day last week. Not good!

I haven’t really weighed myself in the last couple of days, I think I’m avoiding it. Hopefully I’m still about 140ish, but I think I feel better when I’m down to 138-139 pounds.

transitional spring flowers

I am also in another food “transition” period. I went through last October as well, after blueberries were long gone, and before California navel oranges were in season. Now that it’s spring, the Washington organic apples are becoming a bit soft, they’re not as crisp, so I haven’t been buying as many. and my beloved oranges are going to be out of season very soon.

It’ll be awhile until local seasonal summer fruit is available, like peaches, nectarines, blueberries, raspberries, cantaloupe, watermelon.

I always have a harder time with satiety in between seasons. I’m bored with food and I’m having a difficult time with it. I’ve been noticing that I’m eating, even though I’m not necessarily hungry. Like right this minute, I have a few calories left, but I’m necessarily hungry, but my body doesn’t feel satisfied. I want to eat more, but I really don’t NEED to eat more. Compulsive compulsive compulsive! It probably doesn’t help that I’m constantly reading cookbooks and watching cooking shows on TV!

I suppose it’s also not helping that I’m trying to detox off dairy and eggs for at least 2 weeks, maybe a month.

So, I am glad spring is here though, and it should be easier psychologically with the warmer weather. I’ll want to walk or bike outside more! I know I’ll be back on track soon. I just need to get beyond this little bump in the road! But in the meantime, I think I’ll get a teenie tiny snack. I wish I could have a chunk o’ cheese, but I’ll just get an orange.

:) Life is good!

California Pomelo Fruit

pomelo fruit from california
I always am interested in trying unique fruits. A few days ago, Whole Foods was offering Pommelo fruit on sale @ 2/$4. I’ve seen them at the grocery stores in the past, but they are usually $2.50 to $3 each. Each fruit weighs about 2 pounds, so I figured at $1/lb on sale, it was worth a shot!

Pomelo fruit is the largest citrus fruit. It’s quite larger than a grapefruit, but smaller than a cantaloupe or personal watermelon.

It is also spelled pommelo and pummelo (which was how it was spelled on the label)
California pummelo fruit label

At Whole Foods, they described the pomelo as tasting like a cross between an orange and grapefruit, but believe it or not, it’s said that the grapefruit is actually a cross between the pomelo and an orange.

I adore citrus fruit, so I thought I would be in for a treat, and just by looking at the sheer size of the fruit, I thought that my husband and I would be splitting the fruit between us for our an evening snack.

I sliced it down the middle and was disappointed to find such a large inedible rind with only a small edible portion. There would be no sharing of this fruit, I’d have to eat it all by myself! hehe

California pomelo sliced in half
California pomelo sliced in half

I ended up using a jagged grapefruit spoon to scoop out the fruit. It was awkward to dig out each segment because (as you can see from the photo) they weren’t evenly sized or symmetrical like a grapefruit usually is, but there was a ton of yummy juice that I drank from the bowl. It was sweet and delicious. Yes, very much like grapefruit, but with a lemony undertone.

As tasty as it was though, I doubt that I’d buy a pomelo again, just because it was just not worth the cost. I’ll stick with grapefruit and oranges thank you!

California Navel Oranges Are Finally Here!

Yay! Finally!

I went to Whole Foods yesterday, and thankfully I found California Navel oranges! Oh joy! I have been craving them for so long, and was so happy to see a box of them for $1.69 a pound. I probably would have paid $5 a pound, well, maybe not!

I also found some white grapefruit from Florida at .99/lb so I bought a couple of those too.

I peeled and ate one last night. The peel was thin, but oh it was sweet as ever! Very juicy! Glorious! I only bought four oranges, and now I think I should have grabbed more. Oh well, I can always stop at the grocery store again. I really missed oranges all these months! Trying to be seasonal has its price!

UPDATE 2010-12-10: Went to Whole Foods and found the Cara Cara oranges are now available. Yippee. I grabbed a bunch!

Green Valley Organic Lacose Free Yogurt

I’ve been buying Green Valley Organic Yogurt for a couple of weeks now, and I just love it.

First, most importantly, it’s delicious! I’ve tried the blueberry, strawberry, and honey. Honey is okay, but the fruit flavors are very good. I really need to buy some vanilla and create my own flavors with frozen berries, bananas, apples, pineapples, etc. It would be so much better for me too!

Secondly, it’s a lot lower in sugar grams than other yogurts. 16 grams in their blueberry and strawberry flavors. Only 9 grams for vanilla. That’s a big difference to Stonyfield (20g) and Wallaby (22g)

I love that it’s organic and their dairy comes from farms that are certified humane. Not that that “label” really means anything, but at least it’s a start. No anti-biotic or growth hormone usage, and I like to think their cows aren’t hooked up to milking machines all day long.

I’m interested in trying their Kefir as well. I used to love love love the bottles of Stonyfield yogurt smoothies, but they were so extremely high in sugar, I gave them up! Green Valley offers plain plus a Blueberry Pom Açaí flavor that has 20 grams of sugar. Looks like each bottle is 32 oz, so that’s 4 servings of 8 oz each. The yogurts are 6 oz servings at 16g of sugar, so it breaks down to roughly the same amount of sugar per ounce.

It doesn’t look like it’s available in any other stores in my area, except Whole Foods, but that is a good thing. The more “mainstream” a small company becomes, the more they change. Less care goes into the product. I like that they are a small business. I hope they don’t get bought out by one of the big food companies like Stonyfield did.

Anyway, Green Valley Organic yogurt is definitely my yogurt of choice! I hope they don’t mind that I used one of their product photos for my post!

Green Valley Organic bottles and cups

Seasonal Slump

I had been feeling very dissatisfied with food lately. I couldn’t exactly put my finger on it, but I felt unfulfilled. Not with my meals, but with snacks. I’d just stare into the fridge or cupboard and feel bored. Feeling bored with food is dangerous when you are trying to maintain a healthy weight!

But I finally think I figured it out. It’s the change in seasons.

I was thrilled with the summer bounty, and especially with blueberries. I was addicted! I’d buy 2 boxes of blueberries twice a week from the local farm. They were sweet and delicious and I couldn’t get enough of them!

Blueberries were a constant snack, but blueberry season is long gone, and I guess haven’t quite found the adequate snack replacement just yet. But now that I know what’s happening, I can work with it…and it’s definitely getting better.

I’ve been buying more apples, and baking more. I’ve been trying a few new healthy sweet bread recipes. In about a month, the California Naval oranges will be here and I know that’ll help tremendously! I’m such a fan of California Naval oranges, and I’ve been looking forward to their arrival to Whole Foods stores!

Thankfully my meals haven’t been an issue. I’ve been excited about winter veggies like tatsoi, beets, carrots, chard and potatoes. I’ve been craving soups and braised meats. I now need to get just as excited about autumn snacks!