Food Network Rewards Obese Duff Goldman with New Sugar High Show

I just watched a promo for the new Food Network show “Sugar High” starring Duff Goldman, the guy from “Ace of Cakes” (a show I don’t think I’ve watched once)

Anyway, the promo commercial made me sick! They showed him gorging on cakes, pastries, cookies, and puddings. Every scene was him shoveling huge desserts into his mouth. With each new traveled location, I swear you were watching him gain another 10 pounds. His face looked fatter and more bloated after every bite.

It was extremely gross and unappealing, but it made me think!

Is this the type of show that Americans love?

It’s how we look and how we eat. Obese and addicted to sugar, feeding ourselves massive amounts of sweet sugary desserts, barely stopping to wipe the icing off our faces.

I am sorry if people think I’m being cruel, putting down someone (Duff Goldman) who clearly has a food addiction problem, but really, shouldn’t we be outraged at the Food Network, for contributing to his obesity? Is the Food Network glorifying and encouraging the obesity problem in America?

Take a look at an earlier promo photo of Duff Goldman. Yeah, he could lose a few pounds, but at least he has some muscle tone.
duff goldman promo shot for ace of cakes

Now look at a capture from the new Sugar High show. Duff has clearly gained weight, and I wonder what his health is like. Does he have type 2 diabetes? How is his cholesterol?

bloated and obese duff goldman from the new food network show sugar high

Is the Food Network partially responsible? Making profits by rewarding an obese spokesperson with a show on the same subject matter that is causing him to be obese? What has to happen before they finally open their eyes? A heart attack?

I know what it’s like to have a compulsive sugar addiction. but I have found ways to keep it under control. If the Food Network gave me lots of $$ to host a show called “Sugar High”, yeah, all control would be out the window, and I’d be 200 pounds again! Even watching a show like “Sugar High” can have unwanted repercussions.

The new “Sugar High” show premieres tonight on Food Network at 10:30pm, but I won’t be watching. It would be like watching the trainwreck that is America’s sugar addiction…

Old Jeans from the 1980’s

Well, since I’m on a nice “high” from my size 8 jeans purchase at LL Bean, I decided to dig out an old pair of high-wasted acid washed jeans from the 80’s. I held them up, and thought no way. They won’t fit, but guess what, they did!

Whoo hoo! I couldn’t believe it. I looked at myself in the mirror, and wow, I still couldn’t believe it. I felt so lean and thin!

Then I tried on an old high-waisted jeans skirt and it fit as well. My DH and I had a good laugh at the same time, because the clothes were soo soo old-fashioned! I mean I remember high waists, but this waist came up almost to my boobs. Well, hmm, could be my boobs are hanging a little lower these days. LOL

I also found a beautiful old embroidered skirt that belonged to my mother when she was a young adult, and that fit fairly well. It was a little too tight in the waist, but I still was thrilled!

I wish I didn’t give away all my clothes from years past. I wonder if I have any more boxes in the attic! I know I had some dresses, pants, blouses, sun dresses, etc. that would probably fit nicely now.

Take Care of Our Bodies

Just received this inspirational quote in my email.

Take care of your body. It’s the only place you have to live.

Jim Rohn
American motivational speaker, 20th century

I wish everyone could realize that their bodies are “temples” to be treasured.

We abuse ourselves with processed crap made by big corporations that only care about profits.

We are destroying our earth and we torture animals for the sake of easy food.

It’s very sad really and it overwhelms me because I do not see us ever wanting to fix it.

My 2 Year Anniversary!

Darn! I missed my 2 year anniversary! It was on Wednesday the 20th, I thought it was the 23rd! Oh well. What’s important is I made it though another year.

2 years ago, a friend posted an inspirational quote on her Facebook profile and it profoundly altered my life forever.

God grant me the serenity to accept the people I cannot change, the courage to change the one I can, and the wisdom to know it’s me.

I had been thinking of a change to a healthier lifestyle, but every time I tried, it never worked out. I always got side tracked by tempting sugary, processed foods.

When I saw the quote on her wall, it “spoke to me” – I knew it was now or never.

So, here I am! I’ve lost 60+ pounds, and at 137-140 pounds and a size 8 jeans, size medium top, I’ve never been healthier!

I follow the Mark Bittman / Michael Pollan philosophy of eating a higher-quality, but less-quantity of meat, and focusing on more plant-based whole foods.

Although, I do believe it’s absolutely necessary to regularly allow myself a decadent “treat”, I try to stick to healthy whole clean foods: vegetables, fruits, beans, grains, with humanely raised meat, dairy and eggs.

During this time, I’ve learned a lot about myself and my body. Some days were horrible, where insecurities got the better of me. I read a lot of good books, and learned a lot about nutrition, the environment, and how to live a happy, healthy lifestyle.

And I think most importantly, I’ve discovered my limits. I now know that I am a compulsive food eater. I know I won’t cure my compulsion, so I’ve learned how to live with it, and it’s working!

All in all, Life is good! And I’m so grateful!

Size 8!! High School Baby!

We went to the LL Bean Outlet store today and found three pairs of their “favorite cut” jeans on sale and paid $26 for all three! Success!

And the ultimate best best part is that I’m now wearing a size 8! That’s the size I was in high school (I think). Or at least in my 20’s!!!

I’m thrilled since my last jeans purchase were a size 10!

I’m Starving! No, You Really Aren’t!

I just read a forum post on and it really hit home.

To use the term “starving” in relation to your diet, as in “OMG, I’m starving, give me dinner!” is so inappropriate!

Google images for “starving child” and the impact should make you think twice about ever using the term “starving” again!

No, we are not starving. There’s plenty of food in the cupboard and fridge. There’s plenty of food down the street on the grocery store shelves. There’s plenty of food in warehouses and trucks around the country. We are NOT starving, the appropriate word is “hungry”.

Back from Vacation – 137.2

On Wednesday, we came back from an extended 4th of July holiday and I’m happy that I’ve maintained my weight. Weighed myself this AM @ 137.2 (gave myself a couple of days for sodium water retention to dissipate.)

We ate a lot of sugary snacks – ice cream and dessert cakes, but we walked a whole heck of a lot too!

It’s nice to be able to go away and treat yourself but still remain in control. I’m very proud of myself! Things are getting easier and I am getting more confident that I can maintain this lifestyle!

Happy Summer! :)

Life Insurance – I’m Preferred Plus!

Whoo hoo! I’m preferred plus!

I applied for a level term life insurance policy and as stated on the info:

Underwriting classes: based on current estimates, less than 30% of our applicants are likely to qualify for “Preferred Plus Non-Nicotine” rates…and guess what! I qualified! Granted, it’s only a $15 difference from Preferred to Preferred Plus, but hey, it’s the idea that I am at the best level possible!

Life is good!

143.6 Eeek Gained!

Weighed in this morning, and it’s not good.

I am not sure what happened, but I’m not going to let it discourage me. Weight fluctuation are a part of healthy weight maintenance. I think my body is going through some changes, and I have to stay calm, not panic and just figure out what’s going on.

This just proves that faithful logging your food diary is important during weight loss AND weight maintenance. I know I was getting sloppy. I logged every bite, but I was going over my calories a lot in the past few weeks and this could be the aftereffect.

143.6 is not the end of the world. I can and WILL get back down to 140 and lower!

It might even be a temporary water weight gain, which I’ve had in the past so many times. I ate steel cut oats yesterday morning, and while I adore them, they seem to have a negative effect on me. I felt bloated all afternoon. I’m bummed because I just love steel cut oats! I don’t know if it’s a definite allergy or intolerance, or it could be that I need to get used to them. I’m having them again this morning, so we’ll see.

In any case, I’m okay…staying accountable! I’ll weigh in tomorrow and see if there’s a change.

Making Some Spring Adjustments – Diet, Fitness, Food, Mental Outlook

I’m making this post public for complete personal accountability. It’s the only way I’m going to be able to get through this rough patch and stick to my healthy lifestyle plan! I can’t allow this to discourage me or set me back into old habits!

So, I’ve lowered my calories by 30 over at MyFitnessPal. I’m going by what they suggested for my calories, but I manually adjust some nutrients:

Calories: 1770
Carbs: 50% 221g
Protein: 20% 89g
Fat: 30% 59g
Sat Fat: 15g
Poly: 20g
Monounsat: 24g
Cholesterol: 300mg
Sodium: 2500mg
Potassium: 3500mg
Fiber: 30g
Sugar: 30g

No, 30 calories isn’t a big daily change, but it’ll total 210 calories per week, and that might help.

I’m not not sure that I’m gaining weight, but I’ve been feeling *heavier*, and I’ve noticed my body shape is changing. My upper body is fine, in fact, I’m very happy with my arms! I feel like my lower body is getting a bit flabby. I noticed my ankles this morning, and they seemed cankle-ish. Ugh. Please no! No more cankles! And my stomach area isn’t as flat as it was a couple of months ago.

I’ve been neglecting exercise, and I know that is a big part of my problem! I was sticking to my 2 days of fitness per week until last week. sigh. Only one day last week. Not good!

I haven’t really weighed myself in the last couple of days, I think I’m avoiding it. Hopefully I’m still about 140ish, but I think I feel better when I’m down to 138-139 pounds.

transitional spring flowers

I am also in another food “transition” period. I went through last October as well, after blueberries were long gone, and before California navel oranges were in season. Now that it’s spring, the Washington organic apples are becoming a bit soft, they’re not as crisp, so I haven’t been buying as many. and my beloved oranges are going to be out of season very soon.

It’ll be awhile until local seasonal summer fruit is available, like peaches, nectarines, blueberries, raspberries, cantaloupe, watermelon.

I always have a harder time with satiety in between seasons. I’m bored with food and I’m having a difficult time with it. I’ve been noticing that I’m eating, even though I’m not necessarily hungry. Like right this minute, I have a few calories left, but I’m necessarily hungry, but my body doesn’t feel satisfied. I want to eat more, but I really don’t NEED to eat more. Compulsive compulsive compulsive! It probably doesn’t help that I’m constantly reading cookbooks and watching cooking shows on TV!

I suppose it’s also not helping that I’m trying to detox off dairy and eggs for at least 2 weeks, maybe a month.

So, I am glad spring is here though, and it should be easier psychologically with the warmer weather. I’ll want to walk or bike outside more! I know I’ll be back on track soon. I just need to get beyond this little bump in the road! But in the meantime, I think I’ll get a teenie tiny snack. I wish I could have a chunk o’ cheese, but I’ll just get an orange.

:) Life is good!