Keeping Produce Fresh with Ethylene Gas Removers

Ethylene gas (H2C=CH2) is a harmless odorless, colorless, gas that is produced from both natural and man-made sources. Vegetables and fruit release the gas as they are ripening, but at the same time, the build up of the gas can hasten the ripening of produce.

Some produce produce large quantities of the Ethylene gas, some are more sensitive to the gas, and some do both.

For instance, lettuce releases a very low amount of ethylene gas, but is effected by the gas very strongly. Apples are very high producers, plus they are highly sensitive to the gas as well.

Ethylene Gas removal kits can absorb the gas from the area, so produce stays fresher longer!

I’ve been using Ethylene Gas absorbing kits in my refrigerator for years. I started out using the E.G.G. (Ethylene Gas Guardian) and when my supply ran out, I kept meaning to order them online, but it just seemed so expensive with shipping, so I kept putting it off.

A few weeks ago, I was thrilled to find the Bluapple brand refills at Whole Foods. A full year kit (8 packets to fill two containers for 12 months) was $10, so I saved on the S&H.

The cool part is the packets keep on giving even afterward. Open the old, used packets and sprinkle the contents on your plants. I just put a few older EGG packets on the tomato and pepper plants on our deck!