What? Quack Dr. Mercola Donates $800,000 to Benefit Prop 37 GMO Labeling

I was just reading the article over at Cornucopia about big food companies hiding behind the seemingly little organic food companies, while donating hundreds of thousands (and millions) to shut down Prop 37 in California, which would require all food labels to list if the ingredients are GMO (genetically modified).

So, as I’m reading, I’m shocked to learn that Dr Mercola from DrMercola.com donated a whopping $800,000.00 in favor of the new law.

What? Wow!

How much money does this swindling health-nut actually make, that he’s able to give almost a million away to the cause! It’s sad that he’s been profiting THAT much while taking advantage of so many vulnerable people.

I hope that Dr Mercola’s contributions to Prop 37, does not give him any legitimacy; it would be a horrible circumstance if he profits more from this exposure. Or maybe that is what he’s looking for! Hmm.

But on the other hand, I hope his association with Prop 37 doesn’t disgrace the blessing that this law could bring us. After all, if GMO labeling is required in California, then every other state would benefit!