Campo de Montalban Cheese – Review

Yesterday, I made a sandwich for lunch with some Campo de Montalban cheese inside one of my strangely unique wheat rye sunflower caraway rolls.

I love cheese but let me tell you, this particular cheese really rocks! The flavor melded so well with the flavors of rustic wheat and caraway seeds in my bread. I savored every single bite!

Campo de Montalban cheese (the name brings a smile on my face because I immediately think of Ricardo Montalban) is a yummy blend of cows’, sheeps’ and goats’ milk from Spain. I purchased a little wedge from Whole Foods on sale last week for $10/lb, which was cheaper than the yummy raw sheeps’ milk Manchego cheese. I think I am enjoying the Campo de Montalban cheese more than the Manchego!

This morning, I thinly sliced a few pieces to put on my breakfast Bruschetta with olives, garlic and basil. It melted beautifully under the broiler, keeping it’s shape. It didn’t get runny or stringy. It’s a “hard” cheese, not as hard as Parmesan though.

bruschetta with olives, cheese, garlic, & basil

Nutritional Data per 1 oz serving

Calories 108 Calories from Fat 81
Total Fat 9g
Saturated Fat 7g
Cholesterol 30mg
Sodium 160mg
Total Carbohydrate 0
Dietary Fiber 0
Protein 7g

Smile & Say Cheese!

I wanted my first official review for 52 Foods in 52 to be special, something significant and poignant.

What’s better than cheese! Yum! In fact, the original idea for my 52 Foods in 52 project popped into my head when I saw this particular cheese!

Healthy Delight French Style Yogurt Cheese

yogurt cheese

I love walking in the cheese department at Whole Foods, and even better when they have cheese samples out. Well, she just put out a fresh plate of samples for the Healthy Delight Yogurt Cheese, and as soon as a tasted a bite, I knew I had to purchase a block. Delicious, soft, and mild. I immediately thought about pizza topping and mac & cheese!

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Cottage Cheese

I have bought just about every brand / type of natural cottage cheese at Whole Foods. First, I was excited to try the Nancy’s brand and I ended up returning it for a refund. It had a terribly sour taste, and I didn’t know if it was spoiled or the way they produced their cottage cheese.

So, then I tried Organic Valley, and it had the same type of taste, so okay, I guess it’s how natural cottage cheese is supposed to taste. I miss my plain ole Breakstone individual cups.

But I figured I would give it one more shot. Friendship 1% Cottage Cheese. Yeah, it’s got the same sour tart taste, but I am trying to get used to it. I did buy a couple of 4 packs of the Breakstone individual cups, and I might mix both together, to ease into the new taste.

Got Milk? Got Abuse?

This video from ABC News is very disturbing, but it’s great that someone is finally speaking up for the animals! It’s one thing that we use animals for food, but why can’t we treat them with respect during their time on earth? After all, they are sacrificing a lot to give us sustanance, so why should they live in horror!?

I don’t know if buying organic dairy is any better, but the animals have to be treated better than normal dairy cows. Poor cows! It breaks my heart when I think of this stuff. We are a gluttonous nation, and if we just eat and drink a little less, we could save a few cows from having such a miserable life. Save calories, save animals, save the environment!