Cynthia Kereluk Everyday Workout

I have been trying to concentrate more on aerobics lately. I have been watching a couple of cable OnDemand aerobics shows but I also found all of my old fitness VHS tapes and have been converting to DVD.

So I made a couple of DVDs containing some shows from Cynthia Kereluk Everyday Workout (originally on Lifetime TV). Oh what memories she brought back!

I officially played one of her shows last night and it kicked my butt! It’s amazing how poor my aerobic endurance is! It is a little discouraging but at the same time, I am motivated to do better!

But getting back to Cynthia Kereluk! I just love her! I loved her years ago and it’s so good to be using her fitness shows again! She’s an inspiration and gives me a boost of confidence!

The other day, I googled her name to see if I could find current info on her, but came up empty! I was hoping that she would have a fitness web site somewhere, but the latest info I found was that she married Paul Rodgers from Bad Company back in 2007.

I wish I could tell her how much she means to me, both now and then! And that she’s a big inspiration for my fitness goals! I am lucky to have saved a bunch of her workout shows, and now I can enjoy them once again. They are timeless!