Silly Comcast Salesman

We get comcast cable salesman at the door about once a month, since we switched to Verizon Fios, which is a whole other story :(

Anyway, the doorbell rings this afternoon, and it’s another salesman with his “Comcast logo shirt”, and a clipboard with all the addresses of non-customers.

I immediately wave him off (without opening the door) and he goes on to say that they are going to be doing some work on my street. I shrugged and said that doesn’t have anything to do with me, since we aren’t customers. He said that he just wanted me to know they were doing work.

Huh? He expects me to believe that they came up to my home, not to sell me their service, but to let me know they are going to do work on my street. Come on! They could have easily just left a flyer or something if THAT were really true!

I think he was just sick of hearing people turn him down, he needed to think of an excuse to say for those that refused to listen, just to make it look good.