Maine Mahogany Littleneck Clams

Just checked out the new sales flier from Whole Foods for the week, and I’m excited to see Moosabec Mahogany Littleneck clams are on sale for $1.49.

I’m adding them to my shopping list this week for sure. I’ve never made fresh clams EVER, but it’s a great opportunity to try something new and be adventurous!

I might even buy a larger quantity so I can freeze them to make clam chowder later.

Obviously I do not have personal experience cooking clams, but I’ve seen them prepared many times on various cooking shows and videos. I’m thinking about steaming them, removing the meat, chopping, then adding them to pasta with a ricotta cheese garlic oil sauce. Could be delicious! (Hmm, I realized afterward that it’s an old cooking rule never to mix cheese with seafood!!! But ricotta cheese is more like cream than cheese, so I don’t know if it counts!)

According to wikipedia, the smallest clams are called countnecks, then next size up are littlenecks. I’m not a big fan of big clam bellies, so hopefully, they’ll be just right. Can’t wait!

UPDATE: Friday night, I bought 9 clams (little over a pound). Made pasta with garlic clam sauce. DELICIOUS!!!! I’m going back for more!