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My name is Debbie and I live in New England. I started this blog to document my journey to weight loss and a healthier lifestyle.

Besides blogging, I love my two Rat Terriers, reality TV, horror movies, cookbooks (borrowed from the library) and photography.

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  1. Hi

    I was just reading your albacore tuna review and thought you might like to try our new pouched albacore caught off the Oregon Coast and processed in Coos Bay Oregon. These are local poll caught tuna from small family boats in the area — all hand cut fillets in foil pouches. We’re small time and trying to get the word out to folk like yourself who might enjoy it and do a little write up. You can even say you hate it if you want (we think it’s pretty good and superior to most canned tuna so we’re not too worried.).

    I hope you don’t mind us bugging you but we’re getting sample packs ready to send out to any food bloggers who want to give it a try:

    Please get in touch or use this form if you are interested & please let anyone else know about our offer. If nothing else you’ll get a few sandwiches out of it ;)


    Thanks a lot

    Zachary, West Coast Seafoods

  2. thank you for the information on canned tuna. one question – which is just out of curiosity more than anything else. the wild planet tuna is caught in the u.s. but canned in vietnam b/c there are no u.s. canneries for tuna but the american tuna brand is caught in the u.s. but canned in oregon. i don’t know if you originally looked into this discrepancy but thought i’d check with you first before launching into my own research. thanks so much for any info you can provide

  3. Hey Megan, thank you to your comment. It’s not that there isn’t any tuna canneries in the US, it’s that none of them are large enough for the volume of the Wild Planet brand.

    I’m also glad you brought up this topic. I’ve been wanting to post officially that wild planet’s cans are no longer BPA free. They found out there is a very small amount so they removed that claim from their labels.

    I have to write something “official” soon, but wanted to let you know too

    They do hope to find an alternative soon that will be BPA free

  4. There are a number of small canneries up and down the Oregon and Washington coast, but like you say they are all very small. Two that are local to me are http://www.sportsmenscannery.com and http://www.chucksseafood.com but as far as I know they use BPA cans. I think it’s hard to get a can that doesn’t have that stuff in it!

    That’s one reason why producers are going towards pouches (although I actually like the flavor better in the can). I’m just doing some work for http://www.theoceanharvest.com to get their pouches up. There is a new pouch cannery in Coos Bay Oregon so expect to see a lot of the smaller producers trying out that product line. However, they don’t seem to sell as well as good old cans. What we really need are some BPA free cans and then everyone would be happy. I know the sportsmens cannery was trying to source some but so far no go.

    -zachary from Oregon

  5. I thought I’d point out something Capt Tyler of the Harvester was saying. He’s saying that albacore prices are going to be crazy high next season .. so he’s not sure he’ll even be canning any. I guess the price the buyers are talking about would force him to charge around 8 dollars per 7.5 oz can to break even. A lot of the tuna fishermen are talking about this and so there is a good chance that next year will be crazy for buying tuna — we’ll see but the days of 4-5 dollars a can for good albacore might be over. Might be cheaper to get canned salmon!

  6. Wow, thanks Zachary. That’s very sad. Do you know why? Is it because of new fishing regulations? We’ll have to make due with whatever happens. We shall see.

    OT: I need to find a way to maybe move all comments in this discussion to my Tuna post. hmmm, I’ll be googling.

  7. I just found your blog and I am really enjoying it! I can’t wait to read more! I wanted to ask if you are able to make a copy of the Cynthia Kereluk workout video? Many years ago I worked out with her and had success, I loved how she had the low impact & high impact going at the same time so you could do which ever one you could handle at that moment. I would love to see if I could buy a copy from you to help with my weight loss since it seems impossible to find them.

  8. Hello Donna
    Thanks for asking about Cynthia kereluck. Unfortunately I do not feel it’s right to copy and sell something that doesn’t truly belong to me. It would be up to Cynthia to do that. I’m sorry. Good luck with your weight loss journey!

  9. Wild Planet states no canneries large enough. They supply mega stores.
    The USA albacore hook and line/ pole and line fleet in the Pacific Ocean
    is not huge. We are mostly mom and pop vessels. Sourcing information of
    the raw tuna product should be of great concern, as well as where the
    product is processed.

    USA “JIG” vessels have been doing much more canning using small
    micro canners up and down the coast. These canners follow state
    requirements as well as all federal requirements. They are hard working folks
    who value the quality of albacore tuna brought to them by the USA commercial
    albacore fishing vessels. They hand fillet each fish, hand pack all the cans, then
    retort the albacore . Commercial fishermen have to charge a higher price for
    their canned product, as the labor costs and the costs of the material are higher
    in the USA , than in foreign countries.

    What we as Commercial Albacore Fishermen (that means women as well) produce here in the United States, multiplies in the local economies which service our
    needs. It is a win win for all. Better fishing practices, better quality albacore tuna, better canning practices, more nutritionally beneficial, and best TASTE. Look for
    USA sourced albacore tuna, on the label, or a USA flag on the label.
    Hook and Line, One at a Time, The Old Fashioned Way (word marked)
    Vanderpool Gourmet Albacore Tuna
    Sail the high seas with us in photos and videos on facebook. (not a sales page)

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