Crocodile Tears for Paula Deen

I just watched Paula Deen on the Today show, interviewed by Matt Lauer.

I wasn’t looking for the interview, I came upon it by chance, switching channels.

Let me say, first, I don’t really like Paula Deen. I think she and her family (sons) are fake and are very monetarily motivated.

With that said, I don’t fault Paula for past sins. Something she did 30 years ago doesn’t have anything to do with her now. People can change, and as we all age, we grow and sometimes regret our past.

But her actions after the fact have been troubling.

When I start to cry while tying to speak about something that’s difficult or emotional, I immediately tear up. Whether it’s just a few teardrops or an outpouring, there are actual wet tears.

Paula tried like mad to show actual tears, but failed. Yes, her face was scrunched up, and looked like she was deeply upset, but there was not ONE wet tear until the very end when I saw a tiny glistening in the corner of her eye.

It looked like a bid to fix her reputation and had nothing to do with truly being sorry. As they say, Paula, you’re sorry BECAUSE you got caught, not because of your actions.

My advice to Paula is to shut up. Stop talking about it, lay low and make your comeback in a few years. People always forget about stuff like this and allow celebrities to come back bigger than ever.

3 thoughts on “Crocodile Tears for Paula Deen”

  1. She is repellent, from her sickly-sweet awww-shucks act to her utterly vile culinary creations . . . I hope we’ve seen the last of her, but I doubt it.

  2. Hi Debbie, I have been wondering why you are no longer writing your blog/column? I loved the stuff you tackled!

    I, too, detest Paula Deen although that may not be a truly fair statement coming from me, because I rarely watch ANY mainstream TV. I did accidently find her a couple of times but could never watch an entire episode. The gal above is right – sickly sweet and that southern accent nearly drove me mad because it actually sounded kinda sorta fakey. I have no idea why her sons were brought into the show (I never saw them on an actual show, so again my opinion might be moot) but I would suppose it was for monetary purposes.

    Just wanted to let you know that I think you should keep writing. I “connected” with a lot of what you had to say and many of the same topics that interest you also interest me.

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