Library Monday

This weekend, I borrowed a few more books from the library. What would I do without my library!

Oldies but goodies:

Put ‘Em Up by Sherri Brooks Vinton (and I just noticed that she now has a a new Fruit book!)
The Smitten Kitchen by Deb Perelman- read my review!
Food Matters by Mark Bittman
Kitchen Express by Mark Bittman

New to Me:
Delicious Simplicity by Anna Tourkakis
and Gwyneth Paltrow’s new controversial book It’s All Good

The author of Delicious Simplicity, Anna Tourkakis, was speaking at a nearby library this morning, so I was lucky to find her book at one of the local libraries beforehand. She had a lot of good recipes and ideas. My mother and my mother-in-law both came with me to the talk.

I didn’t agree with everything the author said, but for the most part, she was giving good advice to everyone. I let my mother in law take the library book home so she could look at it. I think she needs it much more than me, and I hope she can get some good ideas from it, especially on grains and salads and such.

Anna made a quinoa salad for us. She cooked the quinoa in chicken stock, which is such a good idea, something I always forget to do! Then she added raisins, dried cranberries, and sliced almonds. It was so simple and delicious. The stock really adds a boost of flavor; even my picky mom liked it! ;)

3 thoughts on “Library Monday”

  1. Wow, Debbie, what finds and how fun that you saw Anna Tourkakis speak AND make you some food. And, you saw her with your mother and MIL in tow? Sounds like a fantastic day.

    I love this library post series – you’re giving me some ideas of what to look out for. I bought Gwyenth Paltrow’s first book and there were some good ideas in it. Let us know how you like this new one!


  2. It’s funny Angela, the women at the library always love my “finds” – I’m always borrowing something there!

    I also loved Gwyneth’s first book. I keep wanting to write more book reviews but I’ll be sure to write that one.

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