I Gave In – Strawberries That Aren’t Local

I usually don’t purchase strawberries unless they are local or CA organic. Today, I caved. Hannaford was having a 2/3.00 sale so I bought one pack. It’s been slim pickin’s around here with apples and oranges going out of season, and I desperately needed fruit.

So tonight we’ll feast on long-traveled, pesticide-sprayed California strawberries. I’m sure they will be delicious, despite my horrible assessment of them! ha!

Local berry season can’t come quickly enough!

UPDATE: The strawberries were good. I sliced them and mixed them with fresh-cut pineapple. There was enough for us to have a bowl for lunch today too!

2 thoughts on “I Gave In – Strawberries That Aren’t Local”

  1. Debbie, I know it is too late, but I think about this with strawberries as well. Ironically, my uncle is a strawberry farmer and I grew up eating them by the bushel, and though he is not organic, I know we never once thought about pesticide. Times have changed.

    Anyway, there was a guy selling flats of strawberries on a corner near us this morning, and while I didn’t have any cash, I thought, “well, they are probably sprayed anyway.” But then I rememebred an article that talked about soaking produce in a vinegar water solution in the sink before eating them. I have never tried this, but something to keep in mind for the future!

  2. Thanks for the tip. I never thought about soaking berries like that but it might help. Even the berries from the local farms around here are sprayed sometimes so I’ll try it next time.

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