The Navels are Here! The Navels are Here!

I stopped at the grocery to get a couple random items, and I was so excited to see bags of California navel oranges!

Of course I grabbed a bag.

I adore CA Navels, I think they are my favorite fruit! I miss eating oranges in the summer, by November/December, I’m struggling through “citrus withdrawals” – I count the days until they are in season again!

Whoo hoooooo! I think they seem early this year, but I won’t complain!

One thought on “The Navels are Here! The Navels are Here!”

  1. We got a bag the other night. I meant to eat one yesterday, and even though I was sitting at the island on the laptop pretty much all day staring at the fruit bowl full of them, I never did! My daughters are gobbling them up so I need to reserve one for myself for this afternoon’s snack. A good orange in the winter just makes me so happy!

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