Gardening Diary: Preserving Eggplant for Winter

I had an over-abundance of eggplant this season. Thankfully I planted the “little fingers” variety which resulted in small thin eggplants.

I added a lot to tomatoes (and peppers) to make sauces, which I froze in freezer bags. But my freezer was getting full, so I searched for a better, more compact way to preserve eggplant.

Yay! Oven drying (or dehydrating if you are lucky enough to own a dehydrator) to the rescue, similar to the process I used for my tomatoes.

First, I chopped the eggplant into smaller pieces. I used my “Vidalia Chop Wizard” – I’ve had this gadget for years. I don’t use it every day, but when I need small, even pieces, it works well. It’s very loud though, when you push down on it.
chop eggplant into smaller pieces
chop eggplant into smaller pieces

I scattered the eggplant pieces on a shallow grill sheet pan (included with my countertop oven) covered with parchment paper.
chop eggplant into smaller pieces

Drying at about 150° in my smaller counter top oven, it took a couple of hours. The pieces should be dried, but not rock hard.
chop eggplant into smaller pieces

I allowed the eggplant to cool for a few minutes, then scattered them on a large dish and put into the freezer to “flash-freeze” – this ensures they stay as individual pieces when bagged later. I’m storing in freezer to add to winter soups and sauces!

I’ve oven dried several batches of eggplant, and just kept adding to the freezer bag.

2 thoughts on “Gardening Diary: Preserving Eggplant for Winter”

  1. Smart, Debbie! That Vidalia chop wizard seemed to do a great job making the eggplant even. Does it work well on harder things like potatoes?

  2. Thanks Angela,

    Would you believe I’ve never really tried it on potatoes. LOL. I never made fries, and I always just chop my potatoes by hand when I make roasted potatoes. I know they highlight products from Genius on QVC and they always make potato fries, they make it look easy! It also seems a lot quieter than the wizard too. If I were buying again, I might try the Genius brand instead. A lot more attachments and it comes with a larger bowl.

    I find it easier to just use a knife and board for most prep, but the chop wizard does help with larger jobs.

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