Garden Diary: My First Harvest

Harvested a few leaves of lettuce from my wonderful garden this morning, along with a stem of parsly and basil. Exciting!

I wasn’t sure if I was cutting it properly, using scissors, but I checked out this video from the Garden Fork and he suggests to cut the whole thing down to about an inch. I was just cutting a few outside leaves off. I’ll wait until they get a bit taller again and try his method. It reminds me of cutting grass!

Still waiting for the lettuce I planted from seed to grow up. All this gardening stuff is still new to me, so this season will be an ongoing experiment!

I know I’ll be pinching some pea tendrils/shoots from the garden soon, maybe even this weekend!

Anyway, I made a lovely lettuce sandwich with Mindful Mayo and slices of my homemade whole grain chia bread. It was fantastic! :) Life is good!

my first lettuce harvest, sandwich

2 thoughts on “Garden Diary: My First Harvest”

  1. YAY!!!

    I love those little lettuces, and yes, just cut them with scissors. You will be amazed at how fast they grow back. They’ll just keep giving and giving!

    Have a good holiday!

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