Pink Fuel For the Cure From Connecticut’s Standard Oil

Okay, it’s bad enough that Yoplait has a pink ribbon campaign, but I was shocked to see a Connecticut oil company started promoting “Fuel For the Cure” with a pink oil truck.

Come on!

From Standard Oil’s web site:

Standard Oil has pledged $3 for every delivery The Pink Truck makes for the next 12 months. It is our plan to make somewhere between 6,000 and 7,000 deliveries with The Pink Truck and make a donation of approximately $20,000

Hmm, why is it that companies can’t just make a freakin’ donation if they believe in the cause so much? No, they need to drum up sales first, then make a donation. It’s sickening.

And more importantly, how do we really know for sure that the oil refineries aren’t ultimately causing breast cancer?

Yeah, it looks like it has a hand in causing certain blood cancers, along with damaging our kidneys, liver, nervous system and causing blood pressure and blood clotting issues. And if that’s not enough, it’s poisoning our environment.

So, keep up the good work, Standard Oil.

And add one more “pink ribbon” fiasco to the Susan G. Komen organization. Maybe someday you’ll actually find a CURE for cancer with all that money that floats your way! Nah, I doubt it.


2 thoughts on “Pink Fuel For the Cure From Connecticut’s Standard Oil”

  1. Now, now! If all Komen’s “research” cured it, then what would those execs do w/out their $500K salaries? Won’t someone please think of them???

    Seriously, the cause marketing crap sickens me. Corporations like Standard Oil blindly jumping on the bandwagon because some Board of Directors’ great aunt “bravely battled breast cancer” (cancer rhetoric is a topic for another day) and basically doing nothing without getting something in return.

    Why isn’t Komen giving some of the oodles of cash they raise to actually pay for treatments for uninsured patients or help out families who are financially struggling because of a loss of income due to cancer? No. They fund “research” (because Big Pharma has such a great reputation for curing/treating cancer), “education” (i.e., slapping pink ribbons on incongruous products to “raise awareness”) and of course, “screenings” (the ineffective and possibly harmful outdated mammogram) for “poor and uninsured women,” whom, if they *are* found to have a tumor or other issue needing further testing/diagnostics/treatment, are left high and dry. So we’ll tell you if you’re sick but good luck paying for it and trying to keep your family afloat at the same time.

  2. So correct, Norma. We will NEVER find a cure, NEVER.

    Even with health insurance, cancer procedures can devastate a family financially! I can’t even imagine how bad it could be for someone without insurance.

    I had a biopsy recently, and it cost a ton $$$. They wanted me to get an MRI this year, but I changed my mind.

    The biopsies, MRI’s and mammograms are such big money makers for the cancer “societies”, but there are so many false positives, it’s incredible!

    Where else could anyone recommend an invasive procedure like a biopsy with only a “hint” that there could be something wrong, only to have 80% of results be totally negative – I know some women who have had multiple (like 3) biopsies and they all came out negative.

    How is that helping? All this “preventative care” is causing un-necessary stress physically and emotionally. And someone is making a lotta $$$

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