I’ve been a big fan of for a long time. Great products, great prices, and super customer service!

They proved how wonderful they really are the other day when I had an issue with one of my orders.

I went online to check my “Subcribe & Save” order that will ship soon, and I noticed that they reduced my gift card balance instead of charging my credit card. I planned to save that credit for something special, and when I couldn’t change the payment method, I contacted them using the “chat” option.

Long story short, she couldn’t change the payment method either, so she suggested I cancel the order, and re-order, but since the product (Wild Planet tuna) was out of stock, I didn’t want to cancel for fear of losing the whole order. No problem, I figured that I’d keep it as is.

So, I receive a “feedback” email, which I completed. At the end of the survey, there was an option to speak to someone else per phone, so I figured sure, it couldn’t hurt.

Another long story short (haha) I spoke to someone and they couldn’t change it either, but they ended up offering me two options, #1 speak to billing where they could possibly change it, or #2 accept an additional $15 account credit for “my trouble” – YES PLEASE! I took the credit.

So, my tuna order ended up being free! is the best! Looooove them!

4 thoughts on “ Rocks!”

  1. Amazon is great; everything always comes earlier than promised. One time right after we moved to this house, which was on a brand-new street that didn’t (sometimes still doesn’t) show up on GPS or navigation devices, I placed an order which UPS claimed was delivered/signed for but which I knew I had not ever received. I did that call-back phone thing through Amazon customer service and they sent out a duplicate order, pretty much no questions asked, with free overnight shipping and contacted UPS directly to have the local dispatch contact me for directions to my house. I was blown away!

  2. Wow, @Norma, that is a great story too! They really take care of their customers, almost to a fault!! LOL. I guess they figure it’s not worth it to even check to see where it was delivered, etc. Just take care of the situation immediately and put the customer at ease right off the bat.

    I just love that phone call system they have, so easy! The “chat” was a little slower, but still alright, if you are online doing other things at the same time.

  3. I LOVE It is my first stop when I need to buy anything, and the Prime membership pays dividends. Need something? No worries, it’ll be here in two days shipped free with Prime. Just an awesome benefit, and one that keeps me loyal.

  4. Just wanted to add that on Saturday, I ordered a large wipe-board calendar and dry erase markers…at like 10pm. Sunday evening I got an email saying both items had shipped (regular US postal service) — the stuff got here yesterday morning! I’d often rather wait the couple of days for stuff from Amazon and pay the shipping (I usually just go with standard shipping; sometimes I spend enough for free shipping which is done “standard” as well – 7-10 business days, I think) than get in the car, drive to a store, wander around for what I need, get sucked in by displays and impulse purchases, deal with actual people (I can be a tad anti-social) and traffic.

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