So Proud Budget!

I am so proud of myself today. I went to Whole Foods, with a $50 bill and I was determined to stick to my budget! And I did it! $46.63! Whoo hoooo!

Thank God I have the Grocery IQ iPhone app that helps me with my shopping list. I can add prices (either by quantity or by weight) so I know what I am spending almost down to the last penny! And since it keeps a “history” of past items, I know what some products are going to cost so I can plan ahead! That’s a huge help!

If I see the $total getting close to my limit, I can adjust my list and not buy some items that aren’t essential. I’m really trying to spend less on groceries, but still retain a high quality of food. I’m getting there, slowly but surely!

I’ve been tracking expenses for well over a decade, but it’s only recently that I’ve sat down and really analyzed our spending. I set up a budget worksheet and I’ll also set up another one with prices so I can keep track of which stores (online too) have the best prices.

Right now, I have set a budget of $600 per month for food, and that includes dining out, entertaining, vitamins/supplements, etc. I have a separate budget for non-food household items.

I’m trying to lower the food budget more, and I am still learning how to do that. I think the key is buy a few more if it’s on sale, but buy only what you need for the week if it’s not, especially in the bulk isle. I also need to concentrate on using the inventory in my freezer!

It’s a slow process, but I’m getting there!

2 thoughts on “So Proud Budget!”

  1. Another thing that grinds my gears is the whole “eating healthy is too expensive!” excuse (and the non-story that the media trots out every few weeks. I was behind a woman in line at the supermarket last summer who freaked out at the price of a box of fresh berries ($3.99) and made the cashier remove them from her order…whilst she sipped upon a $5+ Starbucks coffee drink and didn’t bat an eye at the $5.99 box of Special K with imitation blueberry bits added…

    On a side note, Barbie has indeed sold out to the Cult of the Pink Ribbon and you can follow the herd!

  2. Oh but special K with berries has a wonderfully persuasive marketing campaign behind it, don’tcha know. It’s more “designer” to eat processed cereal than real food!

    haha, and although I do still love Barbie, that whole pink ribbon thing is dastardly

    Barbie Doll contributes to fighting breast cancer
    Pink Ribbon Barbie is both a tool to help those affected with breast cancer talk to girls, and a way to support the cause
    She wears a pink gown with a signature pink ribbon pinned to her shoulder
    $2.50 is donated to the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation for each doll sold, with a guaranteed minimum donation of $25,000.00

    yes, little girls can learn so much from a barbie dressed in a pink gown! LOL

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