Whole Foods – Took a Month Off

My last visit to Whole Foods was Friday, 9/2/11. I am really hoping that I’m able to last a full month, without visiting the store, and so far I’m winning that challenge.

The most difficult part has been finding organic USA-grown nuts for snacks. I ended up buying some River Queen brand unsalted peanuts at the local grocery, but I really miss Whole Foods bulk isle.

So far, I’m doing alright for grains, but getting very low. I’ll definitely need to stock up in the bulk isle my next visit for sure!

I have been trying to stick to eating out of my freezer, and it’s been going well. Although I did buy some local meats yesterday at the farmer’s market, but for the most part, I’ve been trying to use up the food in my freezer. I’ve even been defrosting some soup and chili for lunches for DH and myself.

Anyway, it feels great to be free of Whole Foods, if only for a little while. Who would have thought a few months ago I’d be saying that?! Ha!

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