No, NO NOO. I Am NOT Gaining!

So, I’ve been weighing myself regularly (once or twice weekly +) and this AM I was shocked to see 141.6 on the scale! I haven’t been that much over 140 since April!

I was 139.6 last week. I admit a couple of days, I went over by 100-200 calories, but there were days I was under. I suppose I also should admit that I have been “nibbling” and not “counting” a little bit while cooking.

BUT I’ve also been active, walking/biking and running around the kitchen cooking. I know I didn’t actually gain 2 pounds of fat, but I think I am retaining some water.

Last night, my ankles looked very puffy. I know I’m not drinking enough water. And I’ve got to stop the mindless nibble while cooking. I do not want this to be a permanent thing, and I am pretty sure it’s not, but it gave me a little push to watch myself closer.

And I’m trying to be accountable! I’ve been a little lax and maybe even a little cocky about my calories. There’s nothing to be ashamed of, I just need to stop now, and re-focus.

Autumn is a time to revel in the crisp clean air and ponder life. Yes, I’m happy, I have a wonderful husband, great family, lovely home. I’m lucky. I’m healthy. I’m looking forward to hitting 50 next year! Life is good!

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