136 – Low, probably TOO Low

I weighed in this morning at 136 pounds. Yeah, that’s a bit too low I think. I’m happy with 137, 138.

I think it’s time to increase the calories back up to 1700 or 1800. I’ve been doing okay keeping to around 1650, give or take a few calories.

I’m just happy to be back on track! Went to the doctor’s for my annual physical yesterday, blood pressure is 120/77, and I’m on my way to have my fasting blood test this morning. I’m looking forward to seeing my numbers, especially my vit D, as I’ve been taking 5K four times per week.

Life is good!

UPDATE: raised calories to 1750, a little less than the 1800, which was what I was previously eating while in maintenance.

UPDATE September 27, 2011: I’m up to 137 pounds. I like this weight!

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