Chocolove xoxox Dark Chocolate

We love dark chocolate, and there are some weeks that we’ll eat it every day. Just a half serving with some raisins, nuts, or peanut butter. Dark chocolate is really healthy for you too, the darker the better.

I occasionally purchase Chocolove brand 77% and 70% Belgium dark chocolate bars. It offers a very rich, decedent chocolate flavor. Really delicious. A half serving is very filling!

Even though it does taste wonderful, it’s not something I purchase regularly. It’s not organic or fair trade, and it does contain soy lecithin, which I am not thrilled with, but it’s a good choice to purchase once in awhile.

UPDATE 2012-01-6: To find a list of recommended fair-trade chocolate brands, check out: – Chocolove is on the “Cannot recommend but are working on the issues in various ways” list, so hopefully one day, they will be recommended fully!

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