Nana’s Chicken Soup from New England Soup

First let me say that it’s difficult for me to say anything negative about local food products, but I really wasn’t happy with Nana’s Chicken Soup from New England Soup company.

I purchased a couple of pouches of soup at Market Basket a few weeks ago, to keep on hand when I didn’t have anything planned for my lunch. I finally ate the soup the other day for lunch, and it was a great disappointment.

I wasn’t thrilled with the texture, but the worst part was, it was virtually flavorless. I wasn’t necessarily a lack of salt, although it’s got a lot less sodium than most commercial soups, it was just a lack of deep flavor that develops when you make homemade soup. It just tasted like water.

Unfortunately I ended up dumping most of it in the trash. Very disappointing.

I still have a pouch of black bean soup, but I don’t know if I’ll just donate it to the food bank, or give it one more shot.

I might be apt to give it one more try, because the New England Soup company really looks promising! I love how they have an ingredient tracker on their web site. It seems they really do care, and they are trying to create a healthy alternative to the other commercial canned soups.

Oh well, just so disappointing.

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