Can’t Lose Weight? Check Your Coffee Cup!

I was having trouble understanding why a certain someone in my life (who shall remain nameless…hint hint DH) was having trouble losing more weight, even though he was basically eating the same food as me. Sure, he probably isn’t as diligent as I am, but there still had to be more of a reason.

His last blood test showed great numbers for his cholesterol, but the triglycerides were high. I suggested that maybe he needed to start lowering the amount of sugar in his coffee. He previously told me that he was drinking about 3 cups of coffee daily, each with 2 tsp of sugar.

So, the other day, we were talking and then he admitted that he drinks 4-5 cups of coffee, not just 3! WHAT?!!! YIKES! That’s 5×2=10 tsp of sugar every day! NO wonder he hit a weight loss plateau!

10 tsp of granulated sugar = 163 calories with 42g of sugar! That’s twice the daily limit!

So, we are working on lowering the coffee consumption as well as slowly lowering the sugar. I hope this works!

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