This Weeks Crush is Jamie Oliver

So this week I’m crushing on Jamie Oliver!

I just borrowed a bunch of his cookbooks from the library! I love his basic, free style of cooking, and he’s got a warm personality!

I don’t really remember hearing much about Jamie Oliver until I watched him on his TV series “Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution“, but since our new FIOS TV offers a year of free use of a DVR, I’ve been recording all the espisodes of “Jamie At Home” from the Cooking Channel. He’s got such good simple ideas. I’m saving and savoring his episodes! And I’ve fallen madly in love with him.

here are the books I borrowed: (I’ll probably get more of the older ones once I’ve finished with these)

Medium Image Medium Image

Medium Image Medium Image

Medium Image

2 thoughts on “This Weeks Crush is Jamie Oliver”

  1. I am in love with Jamie at Home! I think that may be my favorite cooking show. He’s so laid back & I love his rustic kitchen simple mismatched plates & bowls. The outdoor settings are gorgeous & I just want to go & live at his house! ;) Bought the companion book a while back & I read it cover to cover in a couple of hours. I understand your crush, totally!

  2. haha, my post was originally titled “this week I’m in love with Jamie Oliver” – I thought it might be too strong! haha.

    I agree with all your thoughts on him. I love the outdoor stuff. He’s just sitting there chopping up something on this old rustic wood board. It’s awesome!

    I love having his shows saved on the DVR, I’ve watched some of them twice just to see a recipe again. He is on at an awkward time of the day, and I’ve tried watching but I can’t pay attention. When I can watch on my own time using the DVR it makes such a difference.

    I made one of his leeks recipes last night. It was fabulous. I gave it my own spin, but yum, it was fab. I took photos, and I’ll hopefully write it up soon.

    I’m reading his Italy book right now. fabulous!!!

    Thanks for posting Melissa, and for visiting!!!

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