Stupid Domino’s Pizza Commercial

The new Domino’s commercial just infuriates me! They’re trying to jump on the grass fed bandwagon! Their new commercial is trying to give the impression that their cheese comes from happy grazing dairy cows in a pasture!

The commercial shows a “panel study” group discussing how they don’t trust the ingredients that Domino’s uses, and then all of a sudden, the walls come down and they are smack dab in the middle of a cow pasture, surrounded by cows. Yeah right! That’s realistic!

While I admire Domino’s Pizza marketing department for trying to revamp their image, starting from scratch, putting together a new pizza recipe… I hate when big food companies try to pull the wool over consumer’s eyes. Just like the ads for “happy California cows“, it’s very misleading! The majority of dairy cows do not lead a wonderful carefree life, as depicted in the new Domino’s Pizza commercial.

I would be a hypocrite if I said that I didn’t eat dairy; in fact, I adore cheese, but I try to limit my consumption just because it really is a cruel life for a dairy cow. And Domino’s Pizza is just adding to the misconception! I don’t think I’ll be trying Domino’s new improved pizza any time soon!

ETA October 28, 2010: After receiving a comment from “Dairy Farmer”

Yes, the farm in the commercial is a real farm….googled and found some info.

Truttmann Dairy, LLC is a real farm, and they look like they are doing the right thing by raising their cows naturally and grass based.

BUT it’s highly unlikely that this farm provides the bulk of Domino’s cheese inventory. My guess is, Domino’s is using a much much larger diary or dairies and Truttman’s is actually just for show to make consumers think they are getting a natural product.

Ha! After more googling, looks like I’m not the only one that doubts Domino’s intentions and marketing scheme:

There aren’t many farms left that are like Truttman’s and I applaud them for trying to do the right thing. But there is no possible way that Domino’s is using grass based naturally raised dairy on all their pizzas!

So, quit fibbing to the public, Domino’s and fess up!

Word is the next commercials will cover their naturally grown tomatoes and spinach! Can’t wait to see them!

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  1. How did the panel study get there without noticing they were in a cow pasture? Were they blindfolded? Kidnapped? Could they not smell the Cow sh*t!?! Dumbest commercial ever!

  2. Stupid commercial. but I worked on it. Still haven’t seen the commercial. I was searching for it and found your blog in the process. The groups were taken there in a blacked out limosine. Real farm. Big production. Still don’t care for them

  3. Yes, it sure is a real farm….googled and found some info.

    Truttmann Dairy, LLC is a real farm, and they look like they are doing the right thing by raising their cows naturally and grass based.

    BUT I highly doubt that this farm provides the bulk of Domino’s cheese inventory. My guess is, Domino’s is using a much much larger diary or dairies and Truttman’s is actually just for show to make consumers think they are getting a natural product.

    Ha! After more googling, looks like I’m not the only one that doubts Domino’s

    Here is a longer version of the TV commercial:

  4. Lol have you seen the recent add on to this commercial? I guess other people have been thinking, “how the heck did they get in the middle of a cow pasture without knowing it?” because I just saw the add on where people are holding up the side of a freakin tent for a “blacked out limo” ( they put an arrow pointed toward the limo and actually wrote “blacked out limo) to drive into. Really Dominos? Who is supposed to think that is real? Annoying.

  5. I am a Wisconsin Dairy Farmer. We happen to be Certified Organic and also graze our dairy herd. No, maybe Domino’s does not use all dairies that are grazing dairies. But I’ve been to the Truttmann Dairy and they graze their beautiful cross-bred cows! If that is visibility for grazing dairies then I say great. Wisconsin is on the leading edge of the grazing movement and if it is in a Domino’s commercial to highlight that, then I say bravo!

  6. New article from the NYT that cites Diary Management’s involvement with the Domino’s Wisconsin pizza.

    The whole article is interesting, but this is from page 3:

    On Oct. 13, Domino’s announced the latest in its Legends line of cheesier pizza, which Dairy Management is promoting with the $12 million marketing effort.

    Called the Wisconsin, the new pie has six cheeses on top and two more in the crust. “This is one way that we can support dairy farms across the country: by selling a pizza featuring an abundance of their products,” a Domino’s spokesman said in a news release. “We think that’s a good thing.”

    and it goes on to say how bad the pizza is nutritionally….

  7. hey hate to tell you but i have milked there and it is real. i watched them set it all up and ya i got pics of it on the farm just text me and i will send them to you.608-426-0093. that my real number. its all tru e no lies at all they make all the cheese

  8. I really thought it was stupid when the walls fell off the place and they were all shocked to find themselves on a farm, too. I mean, how the hell could you not know that you were on a farm? Oh, they were transported there blindfolded (and apparently with gas masks on to block that farm fresh smell). Yeahh, rrriiiiiiggghhhht….. I’ll buy that. Sure! i also bought the Brooklyn Bridge!
    Great that they’re promoting the use of natural ingredients, but the commercials are still stupid as hell…

  9. Hey. I just want to let you all know that the commercial… AND panelists are real. How do I know? Because I’m the girl in the blue t-shirt in the commercial at Truttmann Dairy. The way it was set up was in TWO focus groups a week apart. The first one was $50 cash and we were asked 5 questions about food and our dining out habits. We were told there was a second round that would give us $500 cash if we made it that far. The first round, in hindsight, was actually the CASTING process and we had no idea. I got a phone call a week later that I’d actually qualified for round two. It took place on a Friday. I believe it was September 17th. Now…. it all appeared very shady from the get-go. My contacts for the survey sent me the address to the second survey which was to take place in Verona, WI at a Super 8 motel. I was VERY skeptical… but this fake marketing company, “Millhorst,” that they’d created seemed to have proven credible so far as the first round survey paid out $50 cash to a LARGE handful of participants and they rented out space at the finest hotel in Madison, WI to do so. I figured a shady business would not be so forthcoming with giving out free cash. I got to the hotel in Verona, WI. Not without my pepper spray and a small knife just in case. lol. (What? I’m a girl from Wisconsin) We were told that the survey would be taking place at their offices… there’d been some kind of mix up with location so they’d provide transportation. I was very paranoid and thinking that I was about to be sold into human trafficking. It was me and two other girls. Still…. the company had delivered so far. A limo picked us up and we reluctantly got in. Once in the limo and the door was shut… we realized we were in trouble. The windows were blacked out, the doors were locked, and the windows wouldn’t roll down. The girls and I started to panic. We called our friends and family telling them we were pretty sure we were being kidnapped. Things weren’t adding up. THEN we got the news that the company we were doing a survey for….. didn’t exist. One of our friends googled it. We began to panic further. I pulled out my pepper spray and my knife and we plotted how to defend ourselves if we found ourselves in trouble. It’s all a very hilarious story now. When we arrived at the, “Millhorst offices,” we could feel the limo pulling up on a gravel road. We swore we would end up on Nancy Grace later that night. The limo driver opened the door and we were inside a blue tarped off area leading into an office building. They told us that they were doing construction and apologized for it. We didn’t notice any smells… just a bunch of flies. We didn’t hear any cows… nothing.

    The survey began where he was asking us about cheese on a pizza…. the skepticism about dominos cheeses ensued… then the walls dropped open and we were in serious shock. Camera crews all around us… and a god damned cow field.

    THE OTHER GIRLS AND I WERE RELIEVED we weren’t being sold into human sex slaves like in that movie Taken. LOL.

    They filmed the remainder of the commercial where we got to pet the cows, bottle feed calves, and check out the set. It was hilarious.

    The best part? The girls and I made thousands of dollars off that commercial after signing a release that they could use our footage.

    We basically won the lottery, a hilarious story, and great memories.

    I will be going on my first cruise ever in February and I’ve sweetened my Roth IRA thanks to a random lottery win from Dominos!

    I owe them so much for my amazing year!

    My favorite pizza has to be the thin crust and the six cheese is incredible!

  10. Congrats Danielle on making money on a horrible, irritating commercial that aims to profit off of lying to consumers to make them believe that Dominoes is a caring, compassionate company with natural products while using meats from cruel, overcrowded factory farms and almost certainly a good portion of their cheese from horrid factory farms. It is good to know that the commercial isn’t just a bunch of actors, and it really would be nice to make thousands of dollars for a few hours of filming a commercial, but don’t kid yourself into thinking Dominoes did anything but pay you to help them deceive the public.

  11. Matt, I am grateful that there are still people like you, me and the others posting comments here, that aren’t falling for Domino’s fibs!

    But you cannot fault Danielle. I don’t blame her, and I’m glad she posted her experience. ***THANKS DANIELLE!**

    Big food like Domino’s are going to be here, manipulating the general public with their “half truths”; I don’t think it’s possible to stop that!

    It wasn’t her idea to create this distorted commercial, and it wasn’t her idea to panic a limo full of girls by putting them in a scary situation! (I can’t believe their marketing department wasn’t more sensitive about that!)

    Whether she signed the release or not, Domino’s was going to make that commercial, with or without her. Her participation should be rewarded, and I’m really happy that she received a good chunk of cash for her trouble!

  12. Oh and I just noticed that NONE of the people in the commercial are overweight….hmm, another way to mislead the public. People who eat Domino’s aren’t going to get fat!

  13. If you pay attention to te tomatoe commercial, it’s not even the same group of people in the field that it shows being interviewed and in the room when the walls drop.

  14. Dominos use to be a great pizza back in the 80’s and 90’s.. Then the company got greedy and started skimping on the products that made their pizza’s so wonderful… Also the pizza sizes are pathetic.. A Large pizza now used to be their medium size and a medium now is like a personnel pizza (10 inches).
    Their trying to do damage control by making a bad pizza into an awful pizza. The butter garlic herb sauce that they now use is horrible and when I asked the cashier if people liked/disliked it, she told me that more than half of the customers asked for them not to add it…
    Also, the new commercial is so unbelievable that they have to pretend that these people were shipped in a blacked out limo. Lolz..

  15. “Danielle” is not the girl in blue, haha! They look nothing alike. Why make up some kind of lie like that? Pointless.

  16. Speaking of bad commercials, I just saw one where they are supposedly repairing roads that have previously damaged pizzas while people were driving home with them. Give me a break! This is the dumbest commercial I’ve ever seen. You’ve got to be kidding me.

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