Hot Flashes! Ugh

I jinxed myself when the other day, I was talking to my mom and sister about my permi-menopausal symptoms. Up until then, I hadn’t had very strong hot flashes. I referred to them as “warm flashes” and they only bothered me occasionally.

Well, for the past 3 nights, they’ve now turned to true HOT flashes. Ugh. I am hoping it’s due to the unseasonably warm nights we’ve been having. And my moods have been bearish and I’m emotionally and physically drained & tired. Yesterday was the worst, which leads me to believe my period is right around the corner. I hope my symptoms subside once I get it.

Update 10/02/2010: yay! No hot flashes or waves last night! At least none that would wake me up like the past 3 night! It was much cooler last night so I think that helped.

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