Everything IS Better With Bacon, Isn’t It?

The challenge this week over at I Heart Cooking Club is BACON! What better way to help season my newly found Wagner cast iron 9 inch skillet!

But can bacon still be a part of a healthy clean eating diet? Sure, why not! As long as it’s in moderation, right?

Oh and of course make sure you choose an appropriate uncured (no nitrates) brand. I picked up a package of 365 organic uncured center-cut reduced sodium bacon at Whole Foods yesterday. I chose this particular brand because I liked that it was lower in fat and sodium, but there were other choices as well.

I opened the package, and sliced the whole thing in half. I figured halves would fit in the 9 inch skillet much better. I cooked up 10 halves for both of us = which calculates to 2.5 whole slices for each @ only 88 calories.

I fried the bacon on medium low heat, trying not to overcrowd the pan, turning the slices regularly. It worked very well, and I had a ton of bacon fat that I saved in a glass jar (refrigerated when cooled) – I don’t know if I will re-use the bacon fat, but I saved it anyway.

We ate BLT sandwiches with slices of my homemade whole wheat bread, CSA lettuce leaves and yummy fresh tomatoes from my deck tomato plant. It’s been a long time since I ate a BLT and I loved it! Bacon will definitely be on my menu again!

And now, to figure out what else I am going to cook using bacon. I divided the bacon into two packages for the freezer, but I kept some out so I can cook one of Mark Bittman’s recipes for the IHCC. I will find something delicious for tonight!

146.8 AM Weigh In

Wow, I weighed myself this morning again, before eating and I’m down to 146.8 pounds.

Strange. I don’t know what I am doing different, but I guess it’s good that I am still losing. I suppose it’s just a combination of a better metabolism and clean eating. I am proof that eating whole unprocessed foods is working for me. No doubt about it!

148.6 – I Am Shocked!

Well we just returned from a holiday long weekend camping trip.

I did a good job with eating….there were a few “slip ups” but nothing tragic. Small choc chip cookie dough ice cream, tons of white bread with olive oil, spaghetti & meatballs, a brownie, cookie, Rold Gold pretzels, nuts, dark chocolate, a large Subway ham sub.

We tried to be active to burn some of the extra calories. I fully expected to possibly maybe gain a little bit, considering we’re going through a heat wave, and I might be retaining some water.

I weighed myself yesterday morning, and again just now and I just can’t believe it! I’m down again to 148.6!!! And this is after I ate breakfast! I am truly shocked! I can’t believe I am still losing weight, and not even trying. I don’t feel any smaller, in fact, I’ve been feeling kind of extra flabby.

But no matter, I am happy with whatever weight my body is happy with!