Rhubarb Strawberry Apple Fruit Sauce – Recipe

This fruit sauce is sweetened from all natural sugars (no added sugar). It’s delicious on its own, or can be used as a dessert topping. It can also liven up a bland oatmeal breakfast!

You can cook on the stove or in the oven. I like to slow cook in the oven.

rhubarb stalks
organic apple

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Choosy Mothers DON’T Choose Jif

Do these ingredients look like something a “choosy” mom would choose for her family!?


I think a better slogan would be Mom’s who don’t read labels choose Jif!

Sugar? Hydrogenated oils? Mono and diglycerides? Yuck. Soy and rapeseed oils are two the worst oils to consume non-organically, because chances are, they were created from Genetically Modified plants. Plus, the way these oils are processed is unhealthy.

jif peanut butter nutritional facts

Peanut butter (or any natural nut butter) can certainly be a part of a healthy clean-eating lifestyle, as long a you choose a natural, organic (if possible) peanut butter without added sugar. It’s even better to find one without added salt.

I have purchased Teddie brand organic and non organic. I love the chunky!

I also find the organic store brands are more economical. Nature’s Promise from Stop & Shop, Nature’s Place from Hannaford, and 365 brand from Whole Foods are three that I have purchased.

Be choosy and choose the RIGHT peanut butter, or almond butter, or cashew butter. There’s so many wonderful butters to choose!

100% Whole Wheat Banana Nut Bread

IMPORTANT: I had originally calculated the nutritional data incorrectly. It’s been updated!

I had three over-ripe bananas, and of course I thought of baking some delicious banana bread! I wanted to utilize a lower sugar (or at least lower processed sugar) recipe that uses whole wheat flour, and I think I have it!

delicious healthy moist banana bread

At 211 274 calories, it’s a good afternoon snack. Add a scoop of peanut butter (+100 calories) and it’s a nutritious healthy breakfast!

I originally found the Moist Whole Wheat Banana Bread recipe on the web site Breadtopia.com. It’s a great recipe (originally from the King Arthur Flour Whole Grain Baking book), and there are lots of helpful comments and even an instructional video!

I modified some of the ingredients from the original recipe, using coconut butter/oil in place of butter, adding more nuts, and lowering the sugar content slightly.

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Nancy Silverton’s Breads – Book Review

A commenter on the Fresh Loaf web site mentioned the book Nancy Silverton’s Breads from the La Brea Bakery: Recipes for the Connoisseur so I borrowed it from the library.

While reading the author’s summary for Whole Wheat Flour, I knew this book wasn’t for me:

…Whole wheat flour does contain more nutrients than white flour, but our bodies can’t absorb most of them because whole wheat flour works its way through our system too fast. Most of the vitamins in white flour do get absorbed, so the battle between white and whole wheat turns out to be a draw.

This book was published almost 15 years ago in 1996, so maybe whole grain research was lacking.

But we now know that whole grains absorb slower in the body, plus they offer a whole heck of a lot more fiber than stripped white processed flour. Whole wheat is definitely more nutritious! In the authors defense, I would guess her attitude toward whole grains have changed by now! How could it not!

So, the book is going back to the library, virtually unread. At this time, I’m not so much into sourdough (which is the main subject of the book), but maybe in the future, I will revisit the book if I ever want to learn more about it.

151.2 – Down Down Down!

Yay! Still down – 151.2 pounds! On the Wii Fit, I’m 151.9.

I guess it was definitely a mixture of mostly hormones and maybe a lack of water that caused me to retain a couple of pounds of water during the last weeks. I am pretty sure hormones also played a major part in my recent hunger cravings as well. Thankfully I am aware now, so I will be able to work through them next time! I know it will be a temporary problem, and I’ll just continue to eat sensibly even though I might be eating a little bit more.

I feel blessed! Blessed that I am figuring out my eating issues. The more I learn about myself and my eating compulsions, the more I can handle the issues when they appear. I am taking away their power and giving the power back to me!

Wow, that probably sounds totally corny and dramatic, but it’s not just about losing weight; the more important goal is keeping it off! A huge part of the journey is figuring out what makes “me” tick and learning to LOVE me. I think I am getting there! And sometimes my posts are going to be filled with self-centered feelings pouring out! I can’t apologize for that!