Meatless Monday – Quinoa Pasta with Tomato Puttanesca Sauce

Meatless Monday - quinoa pasta with tomato puttanesca sauce

We went meatless tonight (with a little bit of dairy) by eating a satisfying plate of quinoa pasta topped with tomato puttanesca sauce. I included some lovely kousa squash in the sauce, which was part of our CSA vegetable share this week. It’s a summer squash similar to zucchini.

Saute chopped olives, kousa squash, and anchovy paste.

saute olives, Kousa Squash, and anchovy paste

I had some leftover vegetarian tomato sauce, so I added that. It was made with tomatoes, wine, onions, and spices. Once it’s heated through, mix in a few chopped fresh basil leaves.

add tomatoes and top with fresh basil

Cook pasta – I usually make 4-5 ounces for both of us. For this recipe, I used quinoa pasta. I also love brown rice pasta.

boil and drain pasta

Serve the pasta, top with the tomato puttanesca sauce and grated Parmesan Reggiano cheese.

top with grated parmesan reggiano cheese

I don’t know that I will participate in the “Meatless Monday” movement every week, but I hope to try more meatless recipes on a regular basis.

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