Ancient Harvest Quinoa Pasta – Review

ancient harvest quinoa pasta

I love pasta, but it’s tough to find a really tasty whole grain pasta. I love brown rice pasta, but I also like trying something new. So, I purchased a box of the Ancient Harvest brand of quinoa pasta. It’s a blend of organic (non-GMO) corn and quinoa flours. It’s totally gluten free, and looks and tastes just like regular white flour pasta!

It’s got a nice corn yellow color and I really appreciate that it’s made from simple organic ingredients.

When cooking, the water became a bit cloudy, but the pasta was not sticky or clumpy. I have a bit of a starchy problem sometimes when cooking brown rice pasta, but the quinoa pasta does not have that issue at all.

We ate it as part of our Meatless Monday meal with some tomato olive sauce and it really was delicious.

Even though it’s so much more expensive than regular pasta, I would definitely purchase it again. Looking at the Ancient Harvest web site, it looks like they also offer a wheat/quinoa blend too.

Amazon offers a 12 pack for $26.

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