151.2 – Down Down Down!

Yay! Still down – 151.2 pounds! On the Wii Fit, I’m 151.9.

I guess it was definitely a mixture of mostly hormones and maybe a lack of water that caused me to retain a couple of pounds of water during the last weeks. I am pretty sure hormones also played a major part in my recent hunger cravings as well. Thankfully I am aware now, so I will be able to work through them next time! I know it will be a temporary problem, and I’ll just continue to eat sensibly even though I might be eating a little bit more.

I feel blessed! Blessed that I am figuring out my eating issues. The more I learn about myself and my eating compulsions, the more I can handle the issues when they appear. I am taking away their power and giving the power back to me!

Wow, that probably sounds totally corny and dramatic, but it’s not just about losing weight; the more important goal is keeping it off! A huge part of the journey is figuring out what makes “me” tick and learning to LOVE me. I think I am getting there! And sometimes my posts are going to be filled with self-centered feelings pouring out! I can’t apologize for that!

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