Fasting Blood Test Today

I’m not having breakfast today. I need to get a fasting blood test. I am dying to see my numbers. I wonder if my cholesterol went down. It wasn’t too high previously, but it did continue to creep up and up every year. I seem to remember years ago, I was as low as 120ish, and last year, I was around 168. So, I would love to see a lower number.

I will update with my results later.

UPDATE: My blood test results were very good, but I guess I expected a bigger transformation, thinking my cholesterol would miraculously lower itself to 120 like it was when I was younger!

Anyway, this year’s test:
Cholesterol 166
Triglyceride 58
HDL 59
LDL 95
Glucose 87

2009 Test:
Cholesterol 168
Triglyceride 95
HDL 53
LDL 102
Glucose 84

2008 Test:
Triglyceride n/a
Cholesterol 163
HDL 54
LDL n/a
Glucose 90

So, as you can see, the numbers aren’t dramatically improved, except for my Triglyceride number. Of course I am pleased with my health, but it’s a little frustrating. My numbers were always healthy, even when I ate like crap and rarely exercised. I just wanted my numbers to reflect the way I FELT inside and out!

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