Body Changes

It’s always surreal and amazing when I look at my body and notice how much I have changed after weight loss.

I love my ankles! It probably sounds strange to some, to hear someone say they love their ankles, but I used to hate them, because of the fat that settled down there. With fat ankles, there’s no doubt anymore, you are officially fat all over!

Oh and my collarbone! Yeah, I love my collarbone too. Feeling my thinner collarbone gives me a rush of joy and pride!

My butt, thighs, calves, knees, feet, toes, neck, chest, face, arms, wrists, fingers, and stomach are all body parts I notice now. I never used to enjoy looking at my body shape. Now when I look in the mirror, it’s encouraging to view lean muscle definition on my upper and lower body. Healthy eating and exercise has reformed my shape and it’s exciting to know that I’ve just begun and there’s so much more to accomplish!

I used to wear over-sized bulky tops, in hopes of hiding my “wideness”. Truth be told, it’s actually impossible to hide, but a girl’s gotta try, right? I was miserable. I hated clothes, and I always felt messy and unattractive. I didn’t care about my appearance.

But there is no feeling like the feeling of slipping on a pair of old jeans that now fit better than they did when they were originally bought years ago!

My confidence level is higher! I’ve started wearing less bulky clothes to show off my figure. My feet are healthier and look better. I am excited to wear flip flops again without being embarrassed about how icky my feet look.

I find myself watching the “fashion” shows on the TV shopping channels, getting ideas for fun clothes that I might like to wear. I look forward to wearing shorts this summer! No, I am not perfect, but I appreciate my body so much more now.

I have more energy, and my internal self feels fantastic! I’ve noticed how strong my arms have become when I am putting away dishes on the higher shelves. I don’t run out of breath when I run up stairs. I can reach itches on my back a lot easier because my arms are so much more flexible.

Moments like these are monumental motivators! I use them as inspiration to keep going! I don’t want to ever go back to the way I used to be!

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