157.6 – Happy Easter!

I am thrilled! 157.6 pounds, that’s 42.4 pounds total! whoo hoo!

Having the family over for Easter today for a spring BBQ. I have a turkey burger for me, with a piece of whole grain bread. I will probably even have a Coleman Non Cured hot dog, but we’ll see. I might save the calories for dessert! Homemade Boston Cream Pie!

My mom is bringing her famous potato kugel and I know I will have some of that too! My sister is bringing salad and I am looking forward to that! Yum, it’s going to be a delicious day! Healthy too!

Happy Easter! :)

ETA: did okay today! It was a fantastic day with the family and I ate a nice piece of boston cream pie (which is actually cake) and after it was all said and done, I went over about 400 calories, but if you count my calorie deficit, then it was actually only 150 over. So I did alright! I feel pretty stuffed right now but tomorrow is a new day and I’ll be back on track!

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