Yoga Revisited

This morning, I woke up and my whole upper body was wonderfully sore!

I have been working out every night, and last night I thought there might not be enough time since we went out to eat to the Outback, but I looked at the clock, it was 7pm, and I thought okay, let’s do something.

So, I checked out the fitness shows on OnDemand, and decided I wanted to try yoga again. I chose “Yoga Works” Beginner. It was pretty intense considering I am still a newbie but I did a good job! I was so proud of myself! My Downward Dog pose is so much better now! And I could even do the Cobra and I was shocked that I tried and could accomplish the Upward Dog as well. I only stopped once or twice. It felt amazing afterward!

And this morning, my muscles were feeling the workout. But the cool thing is once I was up and moving around, my muscles aren’t so bad. It’s really amazing and wonderful what my body is able to do now. I am so proud and happy!

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