Ken’s Healthy Options Dressing Contain Omega 3s

Okay, I’ve seen everything now! Salad dressing with Omega 3s!! Come on!

Ken’s “Healthy Options” line of dressings contain fish oil so they could market it as containing Omega 3s!

Ken's Healthy Options Dressing contain omega 3s

How crazy!

The dressing contains less than 2% fish oil. It’s just my opinion, but if the fish oil doesn’t affect the taste of the dressing (adding a fishy taste) then it probably doesn’t contain enough Omega 3s to actually provide any health benefits. Because believe me, if it DID contain a healthy portion of Omega 3s, they would list that on the label as well!

It’s one more marketing ploy to get gullible people to buy their dressing, thinking they are getting “extra benefits” – sigh.

Ken's Healthy Options Dressing contain omega 3s

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