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I have been trying to concentrate more on aerobics lately. I have been watching a couple of cable OnDemand aerobics shows but I also found all of my old fitness VHS tapes and have been converting to DVD.

So I made a couple of DVDs containing some shows from Cynthia Kereluk Everyday Workout (originally on Lifetime TV). Oh what memories she brought back!

I officially played one of her shows last night and it kicked my butt! It’s amazing how poor my aerobic endurance is! It is a little discouraging but at the same time, I am motivated to do better!

But getting back to Cynthia Kereluk! I just love her! I loved her years ago and it’s so good to be using her fitness shows again! She’s an inspiration and gives me a boost of confidence!

The other day, I googled her name to see if I could find current info on her, but came up empty! I was hoping that she would have a fitness web site somewhere, but the latest info I found was that she married Paul Rodgers from Bad Company back in 2007.

I wish I could tell her how much she means to me, both now and then! And that she’s a big inspiration for my fitness goals! I am lucky to have saved a bunch of her workout shows, and now I can enjoy them once again. They are timeless!

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  1. I too have dug up my old Everyday Workout episodes from ’98. I started working out with her in ’95, right after my daughter was born. I keep going through de-motivation stages with working out, but Cynthia’s demeanor always centers me unlike any other trainer. I only have 7 episodes taped…would you consider making copies of your DVDs and selling them? If you sold them on ebay I think you would get lots of bids…even if they have commercials or are split up with other programs. She has seemed to drop off the face of the earth…and I really wish she would do a DVD or website–even if it was just re-runs of her old show!

  2. Thank you for commenting, Cindy. So nice to hear from another Cynthia Kereluk fan! I know there are lots of us out there. Too bad she isn’t online somewhere.

    As for her older shows, I don’t think I would feel comfortable selling copyrighted videos. It just wouldn’t be right. Plus, I have no idea if Lifetime owns the rights or not, and it would be horrible if they came after me with a lawsuit.

    I know I have seen a few clips on youtube, but I don’t know if they are full length, or shortened. I hope you can find some more, but at least you have seven episodes to savor!

    Thanks again for visiting!

  3. I am also a fan of Cynthia struggling to find some of her workouts on DVD. I wonder if she realizes how much she affected our lives and how much we need her tapes. Please Cynthia, if you are out there monitoring, make some videos available. We don’t care if they are from the show or some that you released at that time. We just need your help.

  4. I’ve been searching for Cynthia Kereluk’s Everyday workout to come out on DVD for almost a decade now. I used to get up every morning to do her workout when it aired on the Women’s Network in Canada. She was so positive and a delight to drag my sleepy self to the TV at 5:30 AM to watch her, and the workouts were tremendously effective, well explained, and safe. I’ve never found a workout show before or since that was as good or as enjoyable. I watched it right up through when she announced she was getting married to Paul Rodgers and changing her life a lot. Mazel tov, Cynthia! The closest I’ve ever come to finding a recording of her stuff is an old VHS tape from the mid-80s when she still did split-screen workouts to demo the different difficulty levels. I really hope someone, somewhere, will pick up this feed and make her old recordings available legally. LONG LIVE CYNTHIA KERELUK!

  5. This is so neat that we are still talking about Cynthia Kereluk, so many years after her show was canceled by lifetime. It made no sense to me why another television station in Canada or the US, that didn’t want Cynthia as a spokes person for fitness. She had the looks, the body, the education that many of us look for and want.

    It’s been 10 years now, and I wish Cynthia would make a comeback, and give her true fans a big thank you as well, for keeping her memory alive and well.

    If you ever see these comments Cynthia, please acknowledge your fans.

    Thank you, Rick from Duluth,MN

  6. I am also a long-time and forever Cynthia Kereluk fan. I did her workouts regularly in the 80’s and 90’s. I still miss her terribly and I still do the few workouts I recorded. She was the most wonderful exercise instructor and TV personality–a genuine, caring person. I’m so glad to see that others feel the same way about her as I do. I wish I had taped every single episode. I have a few of her official workout videos (that she sold) and a paultry few recordings of her TV workouts. When I found out she was leaving TV, I thought I recorded a couple weeks worth, only to find out too late that I had switched it to the wrong channel!! I was so sad.

    On a nostalgic whim today I googled “Cynthia Kereluk” and I’m thrilled to find other fans. I’ve been trying to find people online for a while, esp. to find someone who I might swap/share old Cynthia TV workouts with. Would there be some way for us to start a swap system or something that would be legal? I have tried contacting Lifetime and her old addresses to no avail. She truly fell off the face of the earth. And it’s very sad to see that the only real trace of her online is of perverts posting ‘select’ parts of her workouts, objectifying her horribly. This makes me furious! Cynthia Kereluk fans out there, what can we do to get access to her show again?

    Cynthia, please come back!!
    Laurel, in Baltimore

  7. I, too, am a fan of Cynthia Kereluk and Everyday Workout. Stupidly, I long ago got rid of my VHS tapes I had of the show, probably around the time our old VCR gave up the ghost! I was sure the show would be released on DVD. So now I have resorted to recording those that I found on YouTube and burning them to Video CDs to play in my DVD. Recently I have become very serious about getting back into shape. At the time I was working out with Cynthia everyday (back in the late 80s and early 90s), I weighed about 20 pounds less than I do now!! I am sure that with Cynthia’s help and the recordings of her show, I will get back to that weight, and even though her workouts feel a lot tougher NOW than they used to back then, I’m absolutely LOVING it! I adored her back then, and I still am a huge fan, and while I would eagerly buy DVDs of her show, I at least have 16 episodes to treasure and sweat to! :)

  8. Where is a good you tube site for her exercise videos? Any suggestions?
    I’ve been really sick and I’ve decided that the only way to feel better is to do aerobics again. I remember waking up and doing exercise every day with Cynthia Kereluk. I always had so much energy again and felt better. I could tell if I had missed a day of exercise.

  9. Im looking for an areobic dvd that is simple to follow without all of those fancy moves. I find since I am not that coordinated, I usually end up tripping up in my feet and I fall behind in the steps. I’ve bought dvds that says for beginners but they add on too many steps that I find I can’t keep up. Anyone know of a good areobic workout dvd that fits the bill for me? Any suggestions would be great!

  10. Include me among those that long to have some of her old shows with which to exercise again now. There hasn’t appeared to be anything which has come close. I totally understand your not willing to sell the DVDs you have for personal profit, but would you be willing to consider providing copies in exchange for a donation to your favourite charity? I’d really love to be back on the Kereluk bandwagon.

  11. Hello Hilary! Thank you for your comment

    For me, it’s not an issue of selling or profit. It’s the whole copyright thing. I don’t know who owns the rights to her video content, but it just wouldn’t feel right for me to distribute them without anyone’s consent.

    I hope that someday she’ll read our comments and maybe release them herself or make them available for free online somewhere.

    Thanks again to everyone for visiting and commenting!

  12. I am another fan of Cynthia. I am just so surprised that there are so many out there longing to have her exercises aired on TV again. She was the only one I would and I could exercise with at home.
    I think we should all send our wish to TVO (? which channel) to request a repeat airing of her exercises.
    Public Health or the Health Minister of Canada would support that if they knew the far reaching benefit of her encouragement in helping people who want to exercise but cannot join any fitness clubs or who have odd working schedules.
    I am going to write to the old address in White Rock BC to buy some of her exercise videos. Do you think that will work?
    Good Luck to all and let me know where else I can gain access to some of her later editions of exercises before she got married.

  13. i would love to get sopme of her videos, i did lose 30 lbs with her and she made it easier for a large woman to exercize with. i need to get some of her videos or dvd. please let me know how

  14. Thanks for being a Cynthia fan too. I have 3 Everyday Workout VHS tapes that my handy husband has converted and put on a Memory Stick for my laptop. I loved working out to her daily show in the late 80’s but have recently got into “Aerobic Imagery” ( I sit on the couch and imagine I’m doing aerobics). Since losing 40 pounds in the last few months, I thought Cynthia and I should get together again and it seems she can still work miracles.
    I met her once when purchasing her tapes, just as nice in person as on tv. Wouldn’t it be nice her videos could be bought on DVD now.

  15. Hi. I adore Cynthia and would love to get her tapes on DVD or a memory stick. I have some tapes but don’t know how to put on DVD or otherwise. I sure wish she would have her work put on DVD so it will last. If she didn’t want the comeercial aspect she could donate part to charity. She is my absolute favorite of all time. Let it continue.

  16. I’m almost a little disappointed to find so many other people searching for Cynthia Kereluk DVDs. I never saw her show, but I picked up her Lean Body Workout tape at a garage sale a few years ago, and she is the best video instructor I’ve ever seen. I keep hoping I can find even another VHS somewhere, but it seems people are only selling “new” “collectible” ones for outrageous prices. I don’t want to collect them, I want to use them! =P

  17. I’m with you — I always loved her workout shows & I thought she’d still be continuing with something in the fitness industry. She needs to get our messages & maybe we can get her back!
    Thanks for YOUR time in posting your comments.

  18. Thank you Tracey and Dawn for posting the you tube sites. I miss the Everyday Workout show, so it’s refreshing to see that at least I can access a bit of the show on the internet. :-)

  19. I have one VHS tape that I still use. I sure wish she would resurface on TV. What a lovely gal, loved her workouts and still use the tape along with my other work-out DVD’s. However, I must say, she if my favorite.

  20. I watched Everyday Workout in the late 90s and loved Cynthia…great workouts! I also have looked to buy her workouts and can only find some VHS on Amazon for outrageous prices. Anyone have any new information?

  21. Me too. Loved the workout. Always a full 10 minute aerobic work out and countdowns in different languages. Always reminding us of shoulders down etc. You can still order C. Kereluk videos/vhs thru her. I have a couple of her tapes.

  22. Yes, another Cynthia fan!
    Her workouts were the easiest to follow, no matter what your level.
    I have looked for her DVD’s, too.
    As if that were not bad enough, they took off Denise Austin. She is great, too, but had to go buy her DVD’s.
    Further insult, they took off Gilad and all the other trainers! Gilad;s morning shows were great, but DVD’s are pretty high impact for most of us little ole ladies!

  23. I have heart surgery and need to exercise, I found my old vhs copy of everday workout and it was blank, some got erased. I wish I could find a copy I could convert to ad DVD. I miss her workout. This was the only one tha reall worked for me. I do hope Cynthia will republish her workout program for all of us who loved her.

  24. If anyone has a copy of Cynthia Kerelluk’a every day work out. I would like to know where we could purchase them, thanks

  25. I was trying to see if there were any DVD s of her workouts. I would love to get a copy. We need your help Cynthia Kereluk to keep us fit.

  26. No way! I don’t know what made me search the web for Cynthia again, but I did, and here I found so many fans!

    Luckily, in addition to watching her show on TV, I had purchased all of her videos. I wouldn’t part with them, even though they were tapes and our VHS played died. Well, I had them converted to DVD just about a week ago.

    I never got tired of those videos. I love them! Cynthia got me into shape all those years ago, and I’m going to be getting back into shape again.

    I wish she would get another show. I would so watch it!

  27. I was so glad (in a way) to come across this thread. I used to work out to Cynthia Kereluk many years ago when she was on television and I lot a lot of weight doing so. Her workouts were always very easy to follow and it felt like the time flew by! I wish I could find her workouts on DVD–I would buy every single one.

  28. It is so fantastic to find other fans of Cynthia! I have missed her greatly everytime I tell someone about her they have no idea who I am talking about. One of her shows has really stuck out for me all these years. She commented that alot of her followers were restricted to wheel chairs and that they did just her arm movements and got a terrific workout so on that show she did an entire workout including aerobic from a chair which kicked my butt. I’m dying to find her on DVD she always maintained that her exercises were completely safe and if it hurt don’t do it check your position or modify and she didn’t just tell you to modify she showed you how.

  29. Wow, it’s so nice to keep seeing more and more of her fans come by and leave messages. I really hope she sees all these wonderful comments!

    @kimg, I also remember her wonderful way of including everyone in her workouts, no matter what level they were at. She was always watching out that no one would get hurt!

  30. If I recall correctly (it’s been a few years, after all) Cynthia was adopted and was part of a large family of children who were adopted, some of whom had physical disabilities.

    Not only did this make her more aware of the kind of restrictions that some people could have, it also seemed to give her an appreciation and gratitude for health that she liked to pass on to others.

  31. I believe you are right I do remember her talking about that during her show she not only gave all of us fitness but life lessons as well. She was always studying about the body and physiology and sharing that info I’ll never forget that she felt that she had discovered the reason women crave chocolate during their period she had discovered that tampons leach magnesium from the body and that chocolate is rich in magnesium these lovely little tid bits were a second reason to watch she inspired me as a young mother to try to be my best. She also used famous qoutes the one I liked best was watch your words they become your thoughts watch your thoughts…. I’m sure I messed that up but if you are a fan you know the qoute I’m talking about

  32. I too was a huge fan of Cynthia! So glad to have found other fans here. I’ve been looking or years for a vhs or dvd. Her morning workouts were fun and helped me get back in shape after my first child in 1995. Would love to workout oth her again!

  33. If anyone finds a site that has her videos for sale or download, please let me know I loved her workouts

  34. i always exercised with her everyday….i would get up at 6 and do her workout….i usually gave up going to the gym…but stuck with her, she was the best and her videos would still do the job today i really liked it when she brought in the high impact but also had the low..thats the one i did because of a bad back…sure wish she was back..she was the best….still miss her alot

  35. I loved watching Cynthia back in the day and wish she had workout video’s for us to purchase : ) If anyone has some they would like to copy and sell I would be interested in purchasing them, she was such a great motivator for me and now that I am in my early 40’s and I can’t eat like I used to without gaining lot’s of weight LOL I need CYNTHIA KERELUK

  36. Fellow Cynthia Fan and Canadian… Watched her back in the day…

    It’s March 5, 2012… Does any one have any videos, DVD’s please contact me…

    Thank you…

  37. I have several full VHS tapes of Cynthia’s show. Is there any way they can be transferred to DVD?

  38. Jeanne, if the VHS are commercial tapes, then you might have trouble. If it has the copyright “chip” like some tapes have, then you won’t be able to copy it.

    If it doesn’t have the chip, then you should be able to use any one of the various copying systems. They have some “all in one” devices that will copy VHS to DVD. Just look on google or amazon for “converting VHS to DVD”

    Good luck

  39. Just woke up at 3 am and was remembering back when I would get up early every morning to work out with Cynthia. She will always b be my favorite.
    I also remember the tampon magnesium connection she talked about and counting down in different languages.
    I am just beginning to search for her workouts and thrilled to find others her remeber and appreciate her.

  40. I am with these Ladies. I had a routine for years with Cynthia and I cant find any DVD’s to get back into it. Please help, lol.

  41. Hi, I’m Linda. I had given up on all exercise shows tapes till I came across Cynthia one morning! Born with no sense of coordination, I found it very difficult to follow other programs but Cynthia had a way of working us out without whacking us out that brought great results and I dedicated myself to her show faithfully, changing also to a healthier choice of foods.
    I ecstatically lost 45lbs but over the time her show has been off the air, 20 has crept back on!
    It would b so great to find VHS or even DVD out there somewhere!
    I wonder if she knows how great an impact she had on so many others!!

  42. I too would love to find some of her full length workouts.
    Youtube has only 1 or 2 min partial videos.

    Does any one have any DVD full length videos for sale?

    I am in Ontario, Canada.

    Thank you…

  43. I miss her tooo, wondering if the network would have a collection of her work outs . I only had results with her .

  44. 2014 and I still think of Cynthia Kereluk. I did see the Youtube video links (thank you Tracey). I too watched Cynthia religiously beginning Feb. 1989 after the birth of my daughter. I looked forward to her every weekday morning. She was the kindest, most caring exercise/health conscious trainer I’ve seen. I wish her the best, and I think we’d all love to hear from her. I’m going to look up her fan page on Facebook. Thanks all.

  45. I also used to watch Cynthia regularly; she was a great inspiration and I felt like she was right in the room with me.

    Now that I am in my 60’s, I would love it if she made a DVD for an old neglected body! lol

  46. Thanks to the ladies who provided the Youtube link. I am very happy to have Cynthia
    back into my everyday routine. I am a fan of her routines which really do work……even for older ladies like myself.

  47. I have looked for you for so long! I used to work out with you every morning. Nobody compares to you!

  48. A male at age 50, I had to lose a little weight and lower my blood pressure. Exercise sucks but I used to exercise with Cynthia in the early 90’s so I started working out with her again. Lost the weight and BP is normal. I aim to work with her every day. She makes the workout fun and doesn’t yell like a drill sergeant.

  49. OMG, I loved her early morning workouts! After my first set of twins were born in 1994, I happened across her show on morning during a feeding. I was inspired and got up faithfully every morning to catch her. I even did her workouts while I was pregnant with my second sets of twins. She was awesome. I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to find her workouts on DVD now. Please keep posting and anyone who finds her please share!!!!

  50. After my second child, our only son was born, I started doing Cynthia’s Everyday workout, everyday! She was amazing, and so was my routine and how I felt. It was an amazing workout, basic, but the best! I learned a lot too! lol I loved her counting in different languages! All her interesting worldly facts! I had a whole slew of vhs tapes and they were all destroyed! :( I would buy her whole collection if they came out on dvd! I miss you Cynthia!

  51. If anyone has or can make a copy of any Cynthia Kereluk exercise shows, I would really like to get my hands on one ! They have been very hard to find ! Thank you.

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